Ring Bearer Gift Pillow and Outfits Ideas

Ring Bearer – In a formal wedding, the ring bearer is a special page who carries the wedding rings for the bridal party. This is almost always symbolic, with the ring bearer carrying a large white satin pillow on which imitation rings are sewn, while the real wedding bands are kept in the safekeeping of […]

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Ring sizing

Ring Sizing for Surprising Your Love

Ring sizing is something important for you when you have a plan to propose your beloved woman. An engagement or wedding ceremony is a memorable moment for every single person in this universe. Thus, some of them will prepare the ring aspect perfectly before the D-day. Every woman will be thrilled if you give to […]

Ring Sizer, the Perfect and Proper Tool to Measure Our Ring Size

Ring sizer is the name of tool that commonly use when we want to know our exact ring size number. In this era, we can’t anymore rely on directly purchasing the ring in the jewelry store. It is because in this era, we can shop anything with using internet. That is the perfect solution to […]

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Ring size diameter

Ring Size Diameter

Ring size diameter is the diameter of a ring that will be measured by the finger that will wear the ring. As well as clothing, like underwear, pants, shoes, or sandals, the deal size was also imposed on the ring. Measure ring and determine the size of the ring can be done in a convenient […]

Ring Size Chart for Your Proper Ring Size

Ring size chart is an important part to determine your ring size by yourself. Each jeweler or jewelry store in different countries has different way to Determine Ring Size. Therefore, there are many types of chart for ring size available, either in internet (in the various jewelry related websites) or in jewelry stores. Fortunately, there […]

Ring Settings

Ring Settings, the Important Part of Ring

Ring settings are having many shapes. If you think that this is not important part in the ring, maybe you are wrong because this part is one of important part in ring. If you want to have perfect ring appearance, then you should choose the design of ring setting too. It is not hard at […]

Purity Ring symbol of a sacred bond

Purity Ring is a symbol of a sacred bond between the couple or the content contained in the ring. The word must contain a different meaning for each person. In religion may be interpreted as something holy, innocent as a newborn baby. Honesty and sincerity also includes a part of it. That is if we […]

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Princess Diana ring

Princess Diana Ring Collections

Princess Diana ring is always become hot topic to be discussed especially for women. She was the well known women who really have admired with ring. It is proven with the news that was said that she has a lot of ring collection beside her engagement ring which still becomes trend center in the jewelry […]

Mother’s ring – Sweet Lovely Gift for Your Mother

Mother’s ring is the perfect gift if we want to make our mother happy. Beside of that, it is great to for using to show how we really love our mother. A classic gift that definitely favored by every mother in the world. This ring can be a symbol of the love of a child […]

mother’s ring

knot ring

Knot Ring Makes You Look So Feminism

Knot Ring is one of the ring design that we can see have increased popularity in this era. There are plenty of ring designs have been created in this world. However, there is one design that is sure to be always up to date does not fade with time. Yups, is a knot jewelry designs, […]