1 Carat Diamond Ring – Maximizing Your Ring

1 carat diamond ring is a good solution for person in low budget. As we already know that diamonds are girl’s best friend, but not every man has fatty budget to purchase the beautiful gemstone in the world, diamond. Diamond in 1-carat means the weight of diamond is 200 milligram or it also can be 1.5 gram. If you want purchase a diamond ring with 1 carat, it means you buy a standard diamond ring. Although, it is diamond ring in 1 carat, your ring will be the same, gorgeous. Do not worry if your money just enough for this kind of carat.

1 carat diamond ring

Tell your girlfriend about it honestly. If she really loves you, she will accept your diamond ring without grumbles. Purchasing her 1 carat diamond ring is not something is embarrassing. You still have many ways to make your diamond look bigger and keep stunning on your girlfriend’s finger. Diamonds with better cut will show the maximal light. This can make your diamond ring looks brighter and larger by the way.

Choosing 1 Carat Diamond Ring

You have decided to give your beloved 1 carat diamond ring as her engagement ring, so you should pay attention some things like, think about the model of your diamond ring. The small carat in diamond ring does not matter if you choose the right model. Since, different models will decide different sizes. Thus, if you want your 1-carat diamond look bigger when it is already attach on your ring, choose a model of ring that can make it. For example is Solitaire. This model is a classic design in engagement or wedding ring. This design will show about the true love that you have for her in lifetime.

This Solitaire model has a narrow band. The narrow band will make your small diamond becomes bigger in looking. The material for your 1 carat diamond ring can be white gold, yellow gold and platinum. In addition, for the shape of your 1-carat diamond, you can choose oval or marquise shape cut. The oval or marquise shape cut will make your diamond ring looks more expensive than it actually is. You can choose the oval or marquise shape cut with 6-8 millimeter in length from top side to bottom side. Your diamond will not visible as 1 carat diamond.

Another Thing about 1 Carat Diamond Ring

To choose a gorgeous diamond ring, you cannot just see it from the weight. The depth of the diamond itself has contribution to make your diamond ring is stunning or not. A carat aspect is measured by the weight but a deep diamond will have a higher value. The size of your girlfriend’s finger can also affect the bigger looking of your 1-carat diamond. If she has some skinny fingers, your diamond ring in 1-carat weight will look great on her. After reading this, I hope you do not feel embarrass again when you realize that your own budget is just enough for 1 carat diamond ring.