Akatsuki Rings – Ninjas Ring on Naruto comic

Akatsuki Rings are ring is always worn by members of the Akatsuki. Akatsuki is the name of a group of antagonists in the Naruto anime and manga series. Akatsuki (暁, “Dawn”) consists of 10 people are feared S-class criminals because of the strength and nature of their poor. Originally Akatsuki is an organization created by Yahiko and Konan and Nagato two friends in an effort to fight tyranny and oppression faced at home Amegakure during the Third Great Shinobi War, and maintain world peace.

After the death of Yahiko and under the influence of Obito Uchiha, Akatsuki becomes a criminal organization that is among the most sought-after in the world of shinobi. Akatsuki’s goal and vision is also still unclear. Besides aiming to rule the world, they also have a great interest in Bijuu (legendary animals), amounting to ten tails and collect all the animals that have huge chakra and no one can control it.


Akatsuki Rings Position

There is ten Akatsuki Rings given to each of the main members of Akatsuki. Always wear an Akatsuki rings as a sign of membership of the Akatsuki are significance for each ring. Here is the ring:

1. Ring Pein (Nagato)

  • Hidden Village: Rain
  • Ring: Rei (Zero)
  • Symbol: 零
  • Meaning: Empty or not there
  • Position: Right Thumb
  • Color: Unknown

2. Ring Deidara

  • Hidden Village: Rock
  • Ring: Sei (Blue-Green)
  • Name: 青龍 = Seiryu
  • Symbol: 青
  • Meaning: Blue or Green
  • Position: Right index finger
  • Color: Blue

3. Ring Konan

  • Hidden Village: Rain
  • Ring: Byaku/Haku (White)
  • Name: 白虎 = Byakko
  • Symbol: 白
  • Meaning: White
  • Position: Right middle finger
  • Colour: White

4. Ring Uchiha Itachi

  • Hidden Village: Leaf
  • Ring: Shu (Scarlet)
  • Name: 朱雀 = Suzaku
  • Symbol: 朱
  • Meaning: Red lit or Dengue
  • Position: Right ring finger
  • Color: Red

5. Ring Zetsu

  • Hidden Village: –
  • Ring: Kai (Boar)
  • Name: 玄武 = Genbu
  • Symbol: 玄
  • Meaning: Mysterious or Pork forest
  • Position: Right little finger
  • Color: Black

6. Ring Sasori / Tobi

  • Hidden Village: Sand
  • Ring: Tama (Sphere)
  • Name: 玉女 = Gyokunyo
  • Symbol: 玉
  • Meaning: Virgo, the Virgin or King (in Shogi)
  • Position: Left Thumb
  • Color: Purple

7. Ring Hidan

  • Hidden Village: Hot Springs
  • Ring: San (Three)
  • Name: 三台 = Relax
  • Symbol: 三
  • Meaning: Three (levels)
  • Position: left index finger
  • Color: Unknown

8. Ring Kakuzu

  • Hidden Village: Waterfall
  • Ring: Hoku (North)
  • Name: 北斗 = Hokuto
  • Symbol: 北
  • Meaning: North
  • Position: left middle finger
  • Color: Unknown

9. Ring Hoshigaki Kisame

  • Ring: Minami (South)
  • Finger Position: Left Ring
  • Name: 南 斗 = Nanju
  • Symbol: 南
  • Meaning: South
  • Position: left ring finger
  • Color: Yellow

10. Ring Orochimaru

  • Hidden Village: Sound
  • Ring: Sora (Sky)
  • Name: 空 陳 = Kuchin
  • Symbol: 空
  • Meaning: The sky
  • Position: Left little finger
  • Color: Blue Sky / Light Blue

Facts of the Akatsuki Rings

Each in Akatsuki rings, Pein has meaning except rings in astrology or mythology of Japan. Ring Konan, Itachi, Deidara and Zetsu 4 animals were taken from Japanese mythology (Seiryu, Byakko, Suzaku, Genbu), and Animal symbolizes the 4 corners of the compass (= eastern Seiryu, Byakko = west, south = Suzaku, Genbu = north). Ring Kisame, Kakuzu, and Orochimaru represent a general overview of astrology. That Nanju = southern star, Hokuto = North Star, Kuchin = sky. The ring belongs to Sasori (now owned Tobi) have unique characteristics, when used Sasori or virgin Virgo symbol means, but a symbol that can have different meanings king. Surprisingly Tobi took the ring and prove that he was the founder and leader of Akatsuki Madara truth. Has he predicted that Sasori would die? The ring belongs to Pein (Nagato) has its own mystery. Meaning the Akatsuki rings is “no” which symbolize emotions that no one who has no face expression, and do anything with the very quiet, probably because it was he selected as a “Leader” Akatsuki.