Belly Button Rings Tips to Choose

Belly button rings are very popular in the world of international fashion. We now live in a global era and there are a large number of fashions as well as the transference of intercultural exchange that occurs as distances shrink and people come closer in various fields. Belly button rings is quite common in eastern cultures like that of the Middle East as well as in India where body piercing is part of the culture of the area since time immemorial. There have also been certain events that have a rather high profile in terms of advertising for abdominal stab in the U.S. like the look of the ring in the navel by Britney Spears, who was quite the eye catcher and am also good publicity for a navel piercing.

Belly button ring

There are quite a few materials from which belly button rings can be made of. Of these, gold is one of the ingredients of the most beautiful and widely used because of its value, luminescent properties and ductility and malleability that gold affords. Gold is also a repository of great value as it is said that one can certainly invest in gold for a time not so good. When it comes to the design of it is imagination only one that is a limiting factor when it comes to the quality and appeal as well as the complexity of the design. There are also other materials such as diamonds are used to make rings and sold widely around the world. People who are able diamonds sparkle like the look and they get naked on their stomachs, when they accessorize with jewelry of high quality. Whatever the budget, one can choose from a variety of designs and options available today.

Belly button rings can be purchased online because there are so many jewelry companies that offer detail various types of rings available. There may be a time when people dressed belly button ring or nose ring may have been looked at or even preferred in the West, but no longer as the times have changed drastically leading to a much larger fashion and cultural diversity throughout the world.

Safety belly button rings

Belly button rings is the most common among the piercings, and likewise should receive special care not to have major complications. When applying any jewelry, make sure that it is proper to serve as piercing as it is not any type of jewelry used to these ends, another cool tip is to find someone qualified to perform this procedure: see if the location will be made is a place sanitized and follows safety standards, because as the blood will be dealt with care should be taken to avoid irritations or infections, watch these tips to not have major complications.

It is necessary to go pierce your navel you seek a professional, talk to him to make a visit to your workplace and requires that the materials used are properly sterilized, and after putting his navel piercing, do a daily cleaning.

Has the process of healing belly button rings. An important tip is their food, be careful and avoid eating seafood, fish and pork, take plenty of water, avoid sunbathing on site or go to pools or beach; put your belly button rings in the winter as well when it comes the summer you can display it without fear.

Belly button ring appeared in the 1990s and early 2000.E nowadays many people have a belly button rings, more than most are adolescents. But there are also those that use mature.

Belly button rings requires a lot of care before, during and after the procedure so you do not have a health risk. When placed the piercing, you should be very careful and attention to hygiene. The trick is to clean at least three times a day for a month to help in healing and have no problems. It may take six months to a year to fully heal. So not to prolong this period, avoid use of tight, which is much glued to the piercing. And if you do too much exercise, stop doing for a week.

While every care and attention, its worth because it is beautiful and feminist. So if you want to put fear not, just be careful!

How to Choose Belly Rings Navel Piercings for First Time

First time belly button ring, you can buy a belly button rings of your choice before going to the studio!
You just have to know which materials do not react against the body’s tissues and allow your navel piercing heal quickly.
Below I have listed the best options for the first time belly piercings.

Choose from:
1) Gold
2) Stainless Steel
3) Bioplast
4) titanium.

1) Navel Rings Gold
Choose 14K or higher to buy yellow gold, white gold or nickel choose. Gold rings are durable, safe and extremely elegant.

2) Bioplast navel piercing
According to the dominant view body jewelry, bioplast is the best choice for your first drilling since the belly button. This material is great because of its biocompatibility and flexibility. If you use this material, your fresh piercing will be less likely to become infected and swollen – bioplast is proven to have great healing qualities. If you are allergic to metal body jewelry, I recommend Bioplast navel rings as the best non-metallic navel jewelry.

3) stainless steel rings belly button
Steel navel piercings are fine for your first navel piercing. The metal used in body jewelry is hypo-allergenic alloy. There are some other metals added to make it resistant to corrosion and prevent oxidation, but do not have an adverse effect on the quality of the jewelry. Stainless steel is used to make more axes metal belly ring – the balls and swings come in many other materials.
If you want to buy a belly piercing steel, you do not have to search for “belly rings of steel” or try to find a category saying “steel”. Most jewelry belly is made of steel, unless it says “gold”, “titanium” or “PVD coated” etc.

4) Titanium belly ring
This is a great option because it is a very strong metal and is almost twice as much light as stainless steel. I recommend belly rings titanium if you are sensitive to steel. Titanium is a pure metal and not mixed with anything else. Moreover, titanium body jewelry comes in different colors, but beware! – No red or black. If you see a black belly button rings and said it was titanium, which is most likely a stainless steel coated with titanium, which is not the best choice for the first time navel piercings.

So – let’s finish with what you have to do to get the belly ring before making for the piercing studio:
1) Choose a belly button rings made from one of the materials mentioned above.
2) Make sure you do not have any parts that can not undergo sterilization – plastic or flexible acrylic balls and swings.

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