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Ring Sizing for Surprising Your Love

Ring sizing is something important for you when you have a plan to propose your beloved woman. An engagement or wedding ceremony is a memorable moment for every single person in this universe. Thus, some of them will prepare the ring aspect perfectly before the D-day. Every woman will be thrilled if you give to […]

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Ring Sizer, the Perfect and Proper Tool to Measure Our Ring Size

Ring sizer is the name of tool that commonly use when we want to know our exact ring size number. In this era, we can’t anymore rely on directly purchasing the ring in the jewelry store. It is because in this era, we can shop anything with using internet. That is the perfect solution to […]

Ring Size Diameter

Ring size diameter is the diameter of a ring that will be measured by the finger that will wear the ring. As well as clothing, like underwear, pants, shoes, or sandals, the deal size was also imposed on the ring. Measure ring and determine the size of the ring can be done in a convenient […]

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Ring Size Chart for Your Proper Ring Size

Ring size chart is an important part to determine your ring size by yourself. Each jeweler or jewelry store in different countries has different way to Determine Ring Size. Therefore, there are many types of chart for ring size available, either in internet (in the various jewelry related websites) or in jewelry stores. Fortunately, there […]

Ring Size Chart Online, the Easy Method to Know Our Exact Ring Size

Ring size chart online is the easiest way for you who want to know about the exact of your ring size. The usage of ring size in this era is very important. It is because you will need it whenever you want to purchase the ring especially in the online jewellery store. In the past […]

Ring Size Chart Online

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Womens Ring Size Chart, When Talking about it

Womens ring size chart will be needed if we want to buy a ring. Buying a ring, sometimes one thing that is difficult. Many things we have to consider like the model of ring, the shape of gemstone cut, the material of ring, and many more. In addition, the important thing to know first is […]

Mens Ring Size Chart for Ensuring His Ring Size

Mens ring size chart is something important to know when you want to buy or give a ring to your beloved man. A ring can be a special gift for every moment in life. It can be a birthday gift, a valentine gift, or everything that you admit it is special. If you decide to […]

Mens ring size chart

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Ring Size Conversion Chart Important Usage

Ring size conversion chart is also important knowledge beside the knowledge about measuring the ring size if you are addicted to purchase ring in online store. If the ring size is very important because it will make sure that you purchase the correct ring with your finger, then the ring size conversion will ensure that […]

Ring Size – How to Know Your Ring Sizes Accurately

Ring size is important to understand for you personally who would like to purchase ring especially when you wish to purchase ring in online diamond jewelry store. In online diamond jewelry store, commonly you need to understand your finger size first simply because you do not able to try and wear the ring that you […]

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Printable ring sizer for you

Printable ring sizer is one of the most used tools, because while you have a standard size for necklaces and bracelets, rings measures depends on the individual. Printable ring sizer to download and print Measure your waist with a tape ring finger sizes To create your own ring gauge, Printable ring sizer and cut the […]