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Emerald Ring: Popular since the era of Kings and Queens

Emerald ring have been loved by women since the days of kings and queens. Kings and queens used to wear as jewelry emeralds necklaces, earrings and rings studded with emeralds. Emerald ring not only look trendy and fashionable on women, but also meet a lot of men. The men wore the Rings Emerald because these […]

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key ring ding dong

Key Ring (Split Ring)

Key ring and split ring are available in hardened and tempered steel in various finishes, including nickel plated steel, brass plated steel, and gun metal. We also have color key rings, as well as key ring accessories, key chains, and attachments. A Steel key ring is useful because a number of keys can be placed […]

Heart Ring – Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby Heart Ring

Diamond Heart Ring – A wonderful symbol of Love Said characteristic flavor which is diamond jewelry for a long time. Similarly, this is the best icon adored and long-lasting romantic relationships. Has been used even in the years just prior to wedding rings and engagement rings. To restore a lot more special diamond heart ring […]

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design your own wedding ring online

Design your own wedding ring – How to design

Design your own wedding ring, you find a woman (or man) of your dreams and are ready for the next step. You know, what it would look like a wedding ring. The problem is that you do not find exactly what you have in mind. Perhaps it is time to design your own wedding ring. […]

Jostens Ring Designer the most popular rings

Josten┬áring designer one of the most popular manufacturers of rings designed. One of the features that make it unique from other jewelry manufacturers is the Jostens ring designer, which allows buyers to create your own custom ring for you can really get the ring they want. This article discusses how you can use the Jostens […]

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Solitaire Ring – symbol of commitment

Solitaire ring has become almost symbolic of the ideals of commitment. The romantic image of a man crouched on one knee to present a small box to your beloved, which contains an inner ring perfectly formed. A diamond is held in importance within the ring, playing with light and display brightness for all to see. […]

Wedding ring – The exchange of rings between the couple

Wedding Ring is a ring as a symbol used in the wedding celebration. Is a commitment between the partners will hold a marriage with a pure love relationship are also sometimes referred to as a sacred covenant between two parties.┬áTradition states that the couple should give each other rings as a symbol of the covenant […]

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claddagh ring meaning wiki

Claddagh Ring Meaning

Claddagh ring meaning is probably one of the few jewelry pieces in the world that can boast of having a rich and glorious past. Tracing its origins to a tiny and remote fishing community in ancient Ireland more than three centuries ago, the claddagh ring has since been sought by a lot of people, especially […]

Design engagement ring the best tips

Design engagement ring and choose the perfect is a very important task that requires much time and patience, after all, a commitment occurs only once in a lifetime. Its preference: Be certain of his tastes; know what she wears in general and prefer not to, knowing what she is allergic, yes, some women are allergic […]

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Mens ring ideas

Mens ring jewelry accessories

Mens ring is one of the few accessories that modern man to be proud of that because the list is usually very short. And since this is the case, most men go out on a limb to ensure that her his ring, located just out of this world.┬áSeveral rings on different fingers have different meanings. […]