Chastity Ring Meaning

Chastity ring (also called purity rings, promise rings, “rings of decency”, “rings modesty,” “rings prudishness” or abstinence rings) originated in the United States between sexual abstinence groups with membership Christian, especially in the Baptist Church. The original idea was the pastor Danny Patton, who was “concerned about the sexuality of their daughters and the American moral decay”.

The rings are sold to teenagers or parents so that the rings are given to adolescents. Bringing chastity ring is linked to religious vow to remain a virgin until marriage. The ring is worn with the implication for the wearer to remain virgin until replacing it with an engagement ring. David Bario, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune , the Rutland Herald and several newspapers wrote:

Under the Bush administration, organizations that promote abstinence and encourage young firms virginity pledges or wear chastity rings have received federal aid.


Functions, Types and Distribution of chastity ring


Overall, chastity ring have three functions. They often serve as a reminder of the vow of celibacy or sexual purity until marriage. Some couples symbolically replace their purity rings wedding ring. The ring is a symbol very illustrative of the vote that has been done to God for abstinence and sexual purity. It is also a social symbol, which indicates the commitment to remain celibate until marriage. This may help avoid compromising situations during courtship.


There are several types of purity rings, the most common can be grouped into three types: engraved bands are the most popular style of chastity rings usually have engraved phrases such as True Love Waits, Purity or Jesus as symbols a cross, a rose, thorns or a dove, there are also precious stones.


Chastity rings in the UK

Chastity ring came to the UK in 2004 as a result of the growing interest generated by the documentary American Virgins (“American Virgin”).

The June 25, 2004 in Claygate, in Surrey, south of London relish an event related to chastity rings. The event appeared in the British media and the first to join the movement were Heather Playfoot and Hazel Robinson.

Chastity rings in Poland

The Catholic Church in Poland also sells chastity ring at the shrine of the Blessed Karolina Kozca in Tarnow , south of the country. The ring is silver and is adorned with a lily.

However, there are criticisms of the initiative, stating that it will not be a mere fashion.

Chastity rings in Romania

The UK team worked chastity ring with Crestin Centrul Brasov, a church in Brasov (Romania) carrying the program chastity ring young people of that city.

Some members of the British team trained a dozen leaders in the center and four days were also developing the project in that city.

Local newspapers carried articles about the program, because in that country does not seem to get much of sex.

Chastity rings in Brazil

In Brazil, the Silver Ring Thing program has taken the name Anel de Prata. The official launch took place in Brazil in May 2008, in the Tribal Generation, an event held in the city of Uberlândia. There were three meetings, one in Vila Velha (day 19), one in Vitória (20) and another in Serra (21).

Gerson Freire, one of the pastors of the Presbyterian Church in Belo Horizonte Buritis was called to be the leader of the movement in that country.

chastity rings in South Africa

The vision of bringing the Silver Ring Thing program to South Africa the Deacon had Martin, director of Turn to Tide, in August 2004, when he saw a documentary on the BBC SRT.

Denny Pattyn accepted an invitation to Turn the Tide for a brief visit to South Africa in September 2004. During this visit, it was decided to launch the SRT South Africa in 2005 and joined several churches and businessmen.

About 8000 were the launch in February 2005 in Johannesburg and about 3000 obtained the ring.

During a seven-day Whiteriver, Mpumalanga, in May 2005, 45 businessmen pledged Nelspruit 10000R give each to help the program reached 45 schools in the area.

South Africa SRT had its first national tour in June 2005, visiting 15 cities in 52 days. This was followed by a tour of Kwa-Zulu Natal in September 2005, to nine cities in 21 days.

On October 27, 2005 took place the greatest show in the history of SRT in Vanderbijlpark, with 6,000 high school students listening and responding to the message of abstinence.

Using the chastity ring among the famous

Chastity ring became known following celebrities use by adolescents as the Jonas Brothers , Miley Cyrus , Demi Lovato (wearing a necklace instead of a ring), Selena Gomez , Nathan Kress or Jordin Sparks .


In 2007, a young British woman of 16 years, Lydia Playfoot, Horsham, West Sussex , brought a case to the High Court of Justice on the grounds that the school had violated their rights under Article nine (Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion) and fourteen (Prohibition of Discrimination) of the European Convention on Human Rights, which was incorporated into UK law by the Human Rights Act. In mid-2006 , told Playfoot school and several girls who will not chastity ring and breaking the rules of the school uniform because it is not considered a religious symbol. It was later learned that the girl’s parents were directly related to the UK branch of the Silver Ring Thing, questioning whether the girl wearing the ring because he wanted or obligation to their parents. The mother, Heather Playfoot, was the secretary of the company’s Silver Ring Thing in the UK and his father and pastor of Kings Church in Horsham, was the program director of the parent company. Andy Robinson, Robinson, a former sales manager for an international software company, pastor at the church Kinas (Horsham) and official sponsor, supplier and managing director of Silver Ring Thing in the UK has been identified as the author of a statement release issued in the name of Mrs. Playsfoot after the Supreme Court hearing. On July 16, 2007 the Supreme Court ruled against the girl, indicating that their rights had been violated and the father had to pay 12,000 pounds for school costs although the action had begun in the name of the girl. The event was funded by individual donations obtained through the group Christian Concern For Our Nation. The child has left the school and started to attend a local college. She has a support group in Facebook .

There is an episode of the American television series South Park involving purity rings, referring to the same part of the Jonas Brothers.

Other objects

The chastity ring has often been replaced by necklaces or bracelets or other similar object, according to many this has the same meaning as the purity ring. Example: Demi Lovato wears a necklace instead of chastity ring, but both have the same meaning. The purity ring is special that means staying a virgin until marriage.

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