Clatter Ring, Special Ring for Special Person

Clatter ring or we can also call it Claddagh ring is a meaningful ring. As we already knew that, a ring can be one thing, which is special to buy or to use. We can give a ring to our someone special like parents, brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend or our best friend. One kinds of ring that you can choose is this beautiful ring. A Claddagh ring is Irish traditional ring. This ring has many meanings and it is not only for our lovely girlfriend or for boyfriend. This ring will be suitable in every person that we love in this life.

Clatter ring for men

The history of this ring is a Richard Joyce’s legend. One day a bunch of pirates kidnapped him. After he escaped from them, he lived with a goldsmith for a while. Then, he learnt how to make a ring from the goldsmith. He could make a beautiful ring and he proud about it. Someday, he came back to his hometown. He knew that his lovely girlfriend has been waiting for him. He loved that girl very much, he wanted to make her happy, and so he made a special ring. As the time goes by, Richard Joyce’s ring is called: the Clatter ring.

How to Use a Clatter Ring

There are some ways to use a Clatter ring on your finger. The Celtic traditions made those ways. If you are a single person, you do not have a girlfriend or boyfriend yet, you should use this ring on your right hand. Make sure the crown of this ring leads inward the heart. However, if you are not single, you already have girlfriend or boyfriend; you should use this ring on your right hand but in different position with the single person one. The position is the heart leads inward the crown. There is one reason about that position, is showing your and her or him heart connection.

If you want to engage with your soul mate, you should wear a Clatter ring on your left hand on your ring finger. The position is the crown leads inward the heart. In addition, if you already get married, you should change your ring position. The new position is, the heart leads inward the crown. Every part on this ring has a meaning, for example: the heart means for love, the crown means for faithfulness, and the grasped hands mean for friendship.

Giving a Clatter Ring in Special Way

To give this special ring, you have to consider some special ways too. Make your important person in life shocks but shocks in happy. You can choose some of special ways for that. One of example is, you can hide this ring in your cake. You make him or her special cake, and before you bake it, you put the ring in your cake dough. When you serve your cake, he or she will find the special ring in his or her slice of cake. However, make sure your special person does not swallow your Clatter ring.