Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Design Your Own Engagement Ring, Why Not?

Design your own engagement ring is it possible? Yes, it is. It is time for you to create something unique for your special moment. You want to make this moment unforgettable, right?

I have a friend who will be engaged this year. He  wants to create her own stuff for his special moment, but she doesn’t know how. His best friend said “Why don’t you design your own engagement ring?”. He finally agreed and went to the nearest diamond store. He was amazed with so many choices of designs available, but he didn’t know how to start.

design your own engagement ring rose gold

Well, actually if you want to have your own engagement ring design, you have to make sure it will something that your partner will love. Try to think what she loves most and consider the four Cs before you decide: carat, cut, color, and clarity. You should know about her more detail such as kind of jewelry she keeps for collection, her favorite color and so on. If she likes blue, make sure the ring will come in aqua color, for example.

Design Your Own Engagement Ring: What You Need To Know?

OK, now you have decided to have your own engagement ring, so what do you think you need to consider? Here are some points:

  • Find the right style

It is impossible to design your own engagement ring without knowing what your soon-to-bride likes. Find out whether she prefers classic or traditional or flamboyant image. What colos does she like? You know better, don’t you?

  • Type of metal to be used for the ring

Engagement rings are generally made in either platinum or gold. Platinum is now becoming more popular despite its high price. Sometimes titanium is chosen as it is durable, however, it is very sensitive as it can’t be formed in specific design.

  • Consider the right stone for your ring

Keep in mind that combination of diamonds and colored stone are the best option. Want to break away from the tradition? No worries. You can choose ­sapphires, emeralds and rubies for your engagement ring. Make sure that you select the right shape of your stone. This is the most crucial moment as you have to make sure whether the shape can go together with the stone. You can have several choices in shape like round, emerld, heart, square or oval.

  • Choose the right bands

Bands are available in any size, medium, thin or wide. Choose bands that match your stone. Platinum bands are popular choice, however it is very expensive. Consult your jeweler to get an advice in creating your own ring. Prepare with your desired design and make sure it will match your..

  • Budget, budget, budget

There is nothing wrong in designing your own engagement ring, but please consider your budget. If you want to have ring with your own design, you know that the cost will be more expensive than buying a pre-designed one. Browse all diamond stores online, compare the price. Find the right information online before you go to the store.

Hope these tips help you design your own engagement ring. Have a wonderful moment!

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