Determining ring size for your Wedding Day

Determining ring size – In our daily life, we can’t be separated from the activity measurements, from when we are born it will be measured height and weight of our body, so also when growing up we will be faced with a wide variety of measurement and when it becomes old even more things we measure and this will still be there in our daily life, be it as clothing, such as shirts, pants, shoes, or sandals, deal size also applied to the ring. Ring size is based on one of the long diameter or circumference of a finger.


Your ring should be comfortable on your finger; it will not fall but also loose enough to get through your fingers. If you find a problem when wanting to buy a ring by means of online or ordering rings with family or friends and you don’t know the right ring size for your finger, you can use some simple methods of measuring ring with the tools that are around you and in a way that easy. Some of these methods you can practice at home immediately. Choose the method of measurement of the ring below that you think is very easy for you to do.

Before do the determining ring size, finger size changes depending on the weather, to the best size should measure at the time:

1. Night when your fingers warm. The morning tends to be cooler and smaller fingers.

2. Measuring up to 3-4 times to avoid errors.

Roving determining ring size

1. Determining ring size using paper

    * Scissors paper extends the width should be 3mm. More than 3 mm would result greatness.

    * Wrap with a finger pressed to the paper, do not loose and mark with ballpoint.

   * Measure the length of paper marked with a ruler starting from scratch.

   * Then the paper length is the size of the ring circumference ( circumference …. mm ? )

2. Determining ring size using threads

* Not much different from using the paper method, here simply replace the paper with a piece of thread.

* Take the thread / rope in your home.

* Wrap the thread / rope around your finger where the ring will be positioned, mark using a ballpoint.

* Measuring the length of thread / rope marked with ballpoint.

* Then you will get your inner periphery of the ring.

* When measuring try thread / rope is not tight at all or fitted with ring finger once there.

3. Determining ring size using the ring you have

If you already have a ring and the ring is very comfortable and fits on your finger, you just take a ruler and measure it.

1. Directly measure the diameter of your ring with a ruler. Is measured is the diameter of the inside of the ring.

2. The size in millimeters. How long diameters, that’s your ring size.

3. Or you can read from a ring size chart to get the ring size

How is the standard ring size for determining ring size?

Here is the ring size conversion offer. Get to know the size of your finger, to facilitate ordering a ring that you want. For the record, for the circle or circumference, is measured inside the ring. Usually there is little difference of less or more than the table above, but close enough measures are presented. Now you already know how to determine ring size, do it properly and carefully in order to get the appropriate size.

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