Dreamcatcher Belly Button Ring

Dreamcatcher belly button ring is what will make you want to have if you have piercing in your belly. It is popular in this time for people to wear the belly button ring. Most people believe that they will have cool appearance when they wear this ring type that will be worn in the belly button. However, the usage of belly button ring is also influencing the creation of belly button ring design. For people who love to wear belly button ring, they will be able to have unique belly button ring design that will be used dreamcatcher design. It will make you look cooler than before with wearing this outstanding belly button ring design.

Dreamcatcher Belly Button Ring

If you only think about fashion with wearing the dreamcatcher belly button ring, you will not only have that for fashion. You will gain more benefits from this dream catcher history design. Those deeper meanings of the design that is used too in the belly button ring will be explained in this article too. It will make you more understand about the function of this accessory that you love to wear in your belly button. With understanding the meaning of this thing, you will be more loving to wear this thing in your body as more than accessories.

The Deeper Meaning of Dreamcatcher Belly Button Ring

If you want to know about the deeper meaning of the ancient design that is used in the dreamcatcher belly button ring that you can purchase and wear in your body, we will need to track from the history of this well known dream catcher design. It is the thing that appears from the ancient tradition of American people about mysterious thing. The first dream catcher is believed come from the elder that is lived in the continent of America. In that time, the elder was having vision about bad thing about the world will happen. Moreover, the spirit of the mountain that was prayed by elder was asking elder to create some emblem that can repels the bad thing into their body.

It is the dream catcher that was made in that time to repel the bad thing that can come through our body. Moreover, with many years have passed by, the dream catcher is still used by people who believe in old tradition about bad thing that can ruin our body and mental to become bad person. Because of that, people commonly will place dream catcher in the top of their bed to protect them every night when they sleep. The tradition believes that the bad thing only can attack us when we sleep is the reason why people place it in the top of their bed. After many times have passed without we use any mystical thing anymore, the dream catcher has the extinction. However, it is come back again in the new form of dreamcatcher belly button ring that you can wear evens in your body now.

Where to Buy the Dreamcatcher Belly Button Ring

If you want to have the one of this dream catcher that can be worn in your body especially in your belly button area, you do not need to have hard method to find it. You even can find it in many well known accessories store that sells many piercing equipment like belly button ring. In that place, you can ask them if they have the one of the belly button rings which have dream catcher design or not. If you still cannot find it in that store, you can connect and search in the internet to purchase dreamcatcher belly button ring.