Engagement ring, diamond is genuine or synthetic diamonds. How to choose?

Engagement ring symbolizes love and commitment as well as rich in symbols. Choice of model is not an easy action! diamondpipe.com give some tips to help you determine the engagement ring of your dreams … To help you determine which ring style that suits you, there are several questions arise: the type of metal would you choose? Is the stone would you choose? Sepeerti whether the frame? dll.

Regarding the type of metal, usually gold and platinum engagement ring was found in a solitary creation and more. Natural yellow gold comes in other colors of gold (white gold, pink gold, black gold) while the platinum is naturally white metal.


Here’s our guide to the choice of metal

What is the difference between gold and platinum?
Gold and platinum are part of the family of precious metals. They each have their own characteristics and then present various advantages.

Ø      Gold.

Gold is naturally yellow metal which can also be divided into gold, white gold, gold rose gold and even black. For this, different alloys are made:

  1. White gold, also called white gold, gold is 75%, 10% silver and palladium 15%. This is to      prevent the white gold of the stain is too fast and thus can keep the white color again. The composition of nickel in jewelry is now banned because of allergy problems.
  2. Gold rose on gold consists of 75%, 5% silver and copper 20%.
  3. Black gold is obtained by the same principle is going on Rhodium and ruthenium, a rare metal, which gives a darker color.
  4. Combined black and yellow gold
    Can be a pure yellow gold (24 karat), but for a larger force, is generally proposed in 18 karat (750millièmes), and then alloyed with other metals (25%) which will provide power. The main advantage of gold is soft and ductile metal, thus making a good job. This is the most precious metal after platinum and the corresponding price is two times lower.

Engagement ring

Ø      Platinum

While platinum is naturally white metal. 95% pure, has the advantage of never tarnish and will make appearances throughout its existence. In addition to being irreversible, and the metal is also hypoallergenic for sensitive skin, thus avoiding any reaction when in contact with skin. Denser than gold, platinum wedding ring weighs approximately 1.5 times heavier than 18K gold. This resistance is caused by the safest metal and gems

Ø      TC platinum and diamonds
Combined platinum and diamonds
Only drawback, the price is higher and that because of scarcity, but also its composition. Indeed, it is pure 950 / 000-750 / 000 for 18K gold. It is also heavier than the same volume of gold. However, once purchased, platinum wedding rings do not require further treatment such as white gold does not need rhodium, is useful for the gems that we are led to change!

Ø      NEW ALTERNATIVE: THE Palladium!
Less well-known metals, palladium is a metal that has many advantages. This is part of the platinum group and has the same advantages as platinum with a much lower price. White, not destructive, highly resistant to a lower density than platinum.

Select the Power of Engagement Ring

In addition to color, it is important to choose an engagement ring depending on its strength. Do you plan to wear your engagement ring every day or you will be provided for special occasions? Platinum precisely known about it because it is recognized as a very durable and attractive for certain models of metalled.

Regarding the type of stone, many variations. Of course, the diamond comes first because it is a symbol of eternal love. There are other kinds of precious stones such as sapphire, but the (blue), ruby (red) or emerald (green), but also said that amethyst semi-precious stones such as topaz, aquamarine, etc.. that offer lower cost and still very varied colors.
After the color, size will also be defined. Your stone will effectively be cut in different ways and rendering will be completely different depending on whether the features, almost round, square or oval, heart, etc … How the shuttle will also be crimped to the Final: set with claws, etc. crimped closed.

To get an idea, feel free to ask about a different engagement ring designs. Among the classical model, we found a trilogy, loneliness, daisy, you and me …

Finally, if you want to customize your engagement ring, then there are options that allow you to measure and determine the ring of your dreams!