Engagement Ring Settings

Engagement Ring Settings are one that must prepared by the couple to be more serious step towards the level of marriage. This stage is called the engagement that is often regarded as a man’s way to show its seriousness to marry his girlfriend. Just like a marriage, engagement is also commonly denoted by the exchange of rings.

Engagement Ring Settings only

Men often have the difficulty in choosing the ring, especially for engagement ring. They are confused because what they have in mi
nd just for wedding ring, so that the engagement ring is usually not so important for them to worry about it. Engagement ring is different from wedding ring. Engagement ring will be worn on the left ring finger while the wedding ring be worn on the right ring finger.  But nowadays engagement ring settings related to the position of the finger on the right or left did not seem to be a problem.

Engagement Ring Settings Choice

It is becoming common for people to let the girls choose their own engagement ring settings, but it’s not always important. More often, you’ll want it to be a surprise, and not a little one. But choosing a ring is not quite as simple as it sounds. You’ll want to make sure that she really liked what she will wear every day, must suitable and convenient, and need to look well on her. The engagement ring also has a meaning that can describes a person’s nature and personality.

Some tips on engagement ring settings choice if you’ll want it to be a surprise:

1. Knowing the type of jewelry she likes. Are gold, silver, platinum, white gold? Most people have strong preferences, so this is the most important step.

2. Make sure shape of the ring that she liked and knowing the size of the finger that will wear the ring. You can ask her family to measure her finger whiles she was asleep.

3. Consider the type of ring that is practical for her. If you really want something special, you can visit the manufacturer’s jewelry and design the ring according to your wishes.

4. Make sure when ask her to engage is really special and a moment that will never forgotten. If you really want her to say yes, select the right location, words and situation.

Engagement Ring Settings, Need or Not

Now most people who will go through stages of wedding will having an engagement first that means they are very serious to increase the relationship into marriage status, and are usually marked with an engagement ring. But the use of an engagement ring was fairly pros and cons, some say it does not matter wear an engagement ring while the others say do not wear an engagement ring.

The point of engagement is needed to convince and make sure that he or she would marry with us and will not turn to someone else. That’s why needed engagement ring settings in addition to being a symbol of love and a sign bond to the beloved fiance.engagement ring settings