Engagement Ring Styles

Engagement ring styles of Bridal classified into five types as an educational tool for consumers. All engagement rings fall into one of these categories listed below:

Engagement Ring Styles by decade

1. Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring Styles

The classic solitaire has been used in more than 10 million around the world fighting for 40 years and is considered the most popular rings today. This engagement ring is perfect for any girl with a traditional style and simple yet elegant. What better way to present the ring with your loved ones, by displaying a single beautiful diamond in a setting of four or six prong platinum or gold. An important feature of the style of the engagement ring Solitaire is a single center stone. Solitaires convey a sense of simple elegance timeless.

2. Three Stone Engagement Ring Styles

If you want a classic yet another spectacular way to say four words specific to your significant other, you can choose a three stone engagement ring for your beloved. This ring has long been known as trinity rings or trilogy rings. The concept of three diamond eternity associated with a partner. Every diamond is said to represent the past, present or future life partner ‘. The three diamonds are also able to carry multiple interpretations and meanings different from each religion pair, values, family, etc. The three stone engagement ring styles are designed with a center stone and two side stones. These types of ring can be worn as a right hand ring or as an engagement ring.

3. Channel Engagement Ring Styles

In the channel of a diamond engagement ring styles set with no metal separating gemstones. Gemstones flow together in one continuous line and present the appearance of a clean, elegant and contemporary – great for an active lifestyle or women who prefer a modern look.

4.  Shared Prong Engagement Ring Styles

An important feature of the Shared Prong engagement ring styles is that diamond in the metal prongs sharing arrangement that is less visible which allows for better visibility of the diamond. This design also allows the maximum amount of light to enter from all angles in order to form the ultimate shine.

5. Micro Pave Engagement Ring Styles

The notable features of the Micro Pave engagement ring styles is the overall antique look conveyed by a highly precise setting of very small diamonds and tiny beads of metal surrounding each tiny diamond. Though the look of Micro Pave may be traditional, it makes a very fashion forward statement, combining contemporary style with an antique look.

Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Engagement Rings are probably the most valuable jewelry that a girl wears. This is something that she will look every day for the rest of her life with fond memories. For something so important, you’ll want to make it right. Here are some of the most popular engagement ring styles and the most classic engagement ring.

Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Styles

There may be hundreds of stunning designs available in the market, but when it comes to engagement rings nothing comes even close to the diamond solitaire engagement ring. Classic solitaire diamond ring when it comes to engagement rings, they have a timeless beauty and grace that no other piece of jewelry can match.

However, in a diamond solitaire ring itself there is a wide variety to choose from. Diamond shape, type of setting and the type of metal you choose can give you a diamond ring a completely different identity and style. Round, oval and princess of the most popular of the form, branches and bezel are the most popular types of settings; white gold, yellow gold and platinum are the most popular types of metals.

Three stone Engagement Ring

Also known as the ring of the past, present and future, held symbolic ring when couples spend time together. The ring is beautiful combination of style and elegance. Three stone rings also come in a large array of deigns. A special three stone ring will have all three diamond stone, the same shape and more rounded. But then you obviously can play rock form and arrangements to give your personal touch. Another popular style of three stone rings has a center stone slightly larger than the other two. In addition to rock this style can be different from the center stone, for example you could have a center of ruby sapphires and diamonds for side stones.

Colored Gemstone Ring with Diamond Border

Another very popular style of engagement ring is the one with the colored gemstone in the center bordered with diamonds. One of the famous engagements rings that Princess Diana. The ring has a large blue oval sapphire in the center surrounded by 14 round diamonds. Types of rings have imitated grandeur to them. The big three, namely, ruby, sapphire and emerald are the most common choice for the center stone in the ring. These rings work great for people who want to have a color in their jewelry. A big stunner, a ring is sure to sweep your girl off her feet.

Antique-Style or Vintage Engagement Rings

Next engagement ring styles list is my personal favorite: the antique-style engagement ring. This style has been the entire rave for many years now and will continue to grow in popularity. Let’s just face it: what has survived the test of time will look good on your finger also! There is something lost in the ‘modern’ look that the Victorian era, for example, knew how to accomplish with all their artistic floral motifs, paisley designs, and Art Deco sensibilities. There is just a creative flair in these styles that the sleek, plain modern band cannot surpass. But be careful, this style is not for everyone: some prefer a simpler band, and only you can tell which engagement ring styles are right for you.

Unique Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

Black diamond engagement ring styles of the last on the list: black diamond engagement ring, along with a cousin of style: blue diamond engagement ring. Colored diamonds do occur naturally on Earth, but very rare to find any one of the eligible carat weight will net you hundreds of thousands of dollars per carat.

What jewelry industry not to get around this fact, is to take a low natural white diamond in color and treat them with the heat and pressure (therapeutic irradiation), to mimic the natural process of nature to change the color of the stones. Amazing result, and affordable. Black diamond engagement ring styles, for example, can cost as much as 3-4 times less than white diamonds quality. Blue diamond at around half the cost.