Floating Diamond Engagement Ring with The Beautiful Appearance

Floating diamond engagement ring is the new ring design, which makes many people, can enjoy the glamorous of the diamond stone that use as the ring ornament.  Many people amaze when they see how the diamond stone can attach in the ring set without using any prong. It is the big question when people see this type of ring in the first time. However, actually there is a secret, which make this diamond stone able to look floating in the ring. The secret located in the ring setting which use in the ring to attach the diamond stone. If you still curious about this floating diamond stone ring, maybe we can continue to discuss deeper on this topic in this article.

Floating diamond engagement ring settings

Actually, the usage of floating ornament stone attachment in the ring has already used for several years ago. However, in that time, there were only limited people who love to wear the ring which have floating stone ornament design. Because of that, this ring design which nowadays become popular usage as the floating diamond engagement ring was not too popular in that time. Moreover, the popularity of this ring design comes back again and even bigger than before. In this time, many people even use it as the special ring design purpose.

Kinds of Ring Setting Choice in Floating Diamond Engagement Ring

If you want to purchase the floating diamond engagement ring, you will need to know first about the kinds ring set for floating ring design that you can choose. It is like the ordinary ring setting too, which have many design choices that you can choose. The kinds of the ring setting types of floating ring are:

  • Tension setting: it is not only available in the ordinary ring setting design, even in this ring which have floating stone ornament, the tension setting is also able to use. In the tension setting usage, usually the ornament stone will hold by two main bands as ring setting to make sure that the stone ornament does not lose from the ring.
  • Bezel setting: it is like the tension setting, bezel setting is also available to use for creating floating effect in the stone ornament. However, it is very simple to redesign the bezel setting to create the floating effect. The ordinary bezel setting will only need to cut in the above part, which will make the stone ornament look floating in the air.

Even there are still many types of ring setting which we can use to create the floating effect like many people love to see in the floating diamond engagement ring, but those ring settings are the common type that usually use because it is very easy to apply it.

The Difficulty to Find the Floating Diamond Engagement Ring

When we have understood more information about this extraordinary floating ring design, some of you must start to wander where or how you can purchase this outstanding ring right? However, it is very easy to answer what you are curious about the floating ring. If you really want to have this marvellous ring design especially if you want to use it as special purpose ring, maybe you can contact the biggest jewellery store which you know to ask them are they have the collection of floating diamond engagement ring.