Gold Engagement Rings

Gold engagement rings and Platinum engagement ring is the most popular choice these days when it comes to an engagement ring. Engagement ring is one of the very important things that need to be prepared ahead of engagement. Gold is definitely traditional and far from losing its luster anytime soon. Meanwhile, the platinum is three times more expensive than gold.


Best Gold Engagement Rings

The best thing about the gold engagement rings is the presence of some very nice design choice and can immediately draw your attention. Modern design in accordance with the present arrangements and for those who want to follow the up to date fashion trends could never mistake with the purchase of a gold ring or you can also design your own Engagement Ring

Do you know why these gold engagement rings very popular? Gold symbolizes affection, love, and commitment for a relationship. So, if you giving your special someone a gold engagement rings you’re told that the relationship is for forever.

Gold engagement rings will be more beautiful and alluring when given precious stone embellishments like jewels, the most favorite gems in the world is a crystalline addition of precious stones such as diamonds, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire. You can also make a pearl, turquoise, aquamarine and quartz as a decoration for your gold engagement ring. You can choose favorite stone that you like but you should also consult the people who are experienced in this field. There are all kinds of precious stones jewelry model that has a large selection of colors so they can be adapted to the character of the wearer.

Gems for Gold Engagement Rings

In the selection of precious stones like gems, you need to pay attention to four C below to get a gem with good quality.

  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Carat

The fourth is the most decisive factor when choosing diamond jewelry, that is what will define the characteristics of value, rarity and beauty of the diamond.

To select a diamond jewelry then looks at the color, carat and diamond cutting way. In terms of color, diamonds with type D are the most flattering comparison of H or G. Type D is a colorless diamond eyes. But if it’s paired with gold diamond jewelry diamond then choose a slightly yellow color. Because the resulting yellow gold diamond’s color becomes bright. But if the little yellow diamond mounted the diamond will look more beautiful because its luster is more visible.

If you have more expenses you can choose a ring with antique style as a fantastic choice for a gold engagement rings. In addition to having a unique design will also have a high value because of the complexity in the making. Thus it can also be your long-term infestations when later you will replace it with a wedding ring. By provide a beautiful diamond rings on the finger of your fiance will not only make her feel special but you will also make your engagement memorable and perfect really. The perfect symbol of love and commitment its show by Gold engagement rings.

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