How to determine ring size

How to determine ring size  is need before you buy a ring. The
importance of a ring in the life of a man appears, only when he wants to propose marriage to the woman he loves. Moreover, in the case of women, there is no fixed amount of a ring. They will love anytime! In both cases, it is important to know the size of the another ring to buy a ring which fits perfectly. Diamond Ring and especially those of platinum, are a part quite expensive jewelry and do not want to err on the size department after spending a decent amount about it. You can follow the instructions and tips on how to determine the size of the ring discussed below and ensure you buy the perfect piece of jewelry round to anyone you choose.

how to determine ring size for women

Instructions on how to determine ring size

Follow the steps listed below to learn how to measure ring size :

  1. Use scissors and scale to measure and cut a strip of paper that is 5 “long and about” inspiration.
  2. Take this piece of paper and wrap around the base of the finger you wish to take measure.
  3. Take a pen or pencil and make a mark on the paper wrapped in its outer end in place of overlapping strips.
  4. Use its new scale for measuring the distance between the mark made above for the outer end of the strip. Gather your measure to the millimeter.
  5. Now look at the chart below that shows sizes of ring and determine your ring size accurately.

The Table of How to determine ring size. Once you have followed the instructions on how to determine ring size and have obtained the measurement in the range of paper. See the following table to find the size of the ring based on its corresponding measurement.

Tips on how to determine ring size

* When you wrap a strip of paper around your finger, do not make it too tight. This will make it difficult for you to get the ring over the knuckles.

* To ensure that the ring is not too tight at the base of the finger or is experiencing problems in overcoming the knuckles, take measurements at both locations. This will allow you to modify the size of the ring to fit your needs.

* You must remember that your fingers are likely to swell in time, so for the same account when you make the measurements.

* Be careful not to measure your ring size when fingers are cold. When cold, they are the smallest. Measuring both when the temperature is hot or during the day as the end of its longer are then finger.

There will be times when you would be buying a ring to surprise someone and as a result you do not have the privilege how to determine ring size in the manner prescribed above. At such times you can play a very intelligent and has his way. Ask the person to lend his / her ring for you and tell them you are taking it to the jeweler to get it clean. Once there, the jeweler can easily measure the size of the ring. Another way is to take the ring in a playful way and slip it into one of his fingers until he refuses to drop further. The mark will be formed there. You can go to your jeweler to quickly and ask you to compare the point of using a tool made and get the ring size. If in doubt, go to a larger size, as it is simpler to make it small, even if it does not fit.

Learning how to determine ring size or how to measure ring size will help you when you buy jewelry online and also sometimes you want to surprise the other person with Wedding Ring or Engagement Ring. Then placing this knowledge to good use as necessary. If you are not comfortable in discovering it yourself. Almost all jewelers can help how to determine ring size