Irish Claddagh Ring and Where to Buy

Irish Claddagh ring is rich in history and symbolizes love, loyalty and friendship to community of all ages. Art and materials influence the price range. Irish Claddagh ring are worn by men, women and children around the world to give the virtues of love, loyalty and friendship. An Irish Claddagh ring can be an engagement ring, a friendship ring or promise, or a meaningful gift of gratitude in honor of the special days such as St. Patrick’s Day and the day of mother.

Irish Claddagh Ring

Legend and symbolism of the Irish Claddagh ring

The Legend of the Irish Claddagh ring dates back to the reign of Mary II there are more than 300 years. An Irishman named Richard Joyce set sail from a small fishing village in Claddagh, Galway, Ireland, bound for the western Indian slave plantations. His ship was captured by pirates and Joyce Mediterranean was controlled by a Moorish goldsmith.

Throughout his slavery, Joyce dreamed of his true love back in Ireland and has maintained its hope of freedom alive by opening a ring that symbolized his love. When King William III freed the slaves in 1689, Joyce returned to Ireland and make his ring hand-crafted Claddagh to his beloved for their engagement.

Buy an Irish Claddagh ring as a wedding ring

An Irish Claddagh ring has a pair of hands, a heart and a crown. The heart was held in hands that shows love, and the hands represent friendship and unity. The crown on the heart symbolizes royalty. The Claddagh ring is one of the most popular rings and Irish wedding is traditionally passed down from mother to daughter wedding day the girl.

Claddagh rings send a message of love in the hand and the direction in which the ring is worn. When worn on the right hand with the crown liner and heart out, the person is not currently in a romantic relationship. When in a committed relationship of love, the ring is worn on the left hand with the heart lining and crown to the heart.

Where to buy jewelry and Irish rings

The price of an Irish Claddagh ring varies art materials and weight can range from under $ 40 for sterling silver more than $ 2, 000 for 18K gold with gemstones valuable. Amazon offers the Irish Claddagh ring with diamond pave accents sterling silver 24K gold plated for $ 119. The ring is impress with love, loyalty, and friendship. added gemstones in the heart of the rings. Prices range from $ 250 for a silver ring 6 grams with semi-precious jewels such as amethyst, garnet red or sky blue topaz in a 18K gold ring for $ 2, 100, which is made from 18K gold and precious gemstones such as sapphire, emerald or ruby blue. includes free engraving on Claddagh rings up to 10 letters per name for $ 50 below. On the back of the ring is engraved, one life, one love. sells Claddagh rings with larger sterling silver bands that incorporate the Celtic knotwork for $ 40 below. offers rings ranging from $ 35 – $ 150 bracelets and pendents positive Claddagh for $ 100 below. present the current offerings of Claddagh rings of various retail websites such as Zales, Macy’s, Target and the online sites like ebay.

Special days like St. Patrick’s day or mother’s day can be made even more meaningful with a gift that expresses love, loyalty and friendship. Rings, bracelets and pendents Irish Claddagh are available at many online sites such as Irish Claddagh ring also make a fine engagement ring, especially if gifted in an authentic Irish pub.

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