Kate Middleton Engagement Ring: When style and history meet

Kate Middleton engagement ring. Well, what comes on your mind when you hear about that? Super-expensive ring? A ring worth billions poundsterling?

Well, Kate Middleton engagement ring is not an ordinary ring. It doesn’t only reflect the price and symbolize true love from Prince William, but also….a history.

When news on engagement hit the media, people started wondering and predicting: What does engagement ring that is worn by Kate Middleton look like? Finally, the world saw something which is looked familiar like the 18-carat oval sapphire fully by diamonds that was worn by William’s late mother, Princess Diana.

The ring has its own story. Diana preferred that ring from several shown to her in 1981 for her engagement to Prince Charles. However, the story didn’t end up here.

Kate Middleton engagement ring

The Royal Family said the future princess had to choose ring that anyone could buy instead of having it custom-made.

However, Diana had an eye for the style then, and that ring (or known as’ commoner’s sapphire’ or commoner’s ring) was named after her. She was attached to it, she even still wore it after her divorce from Prince Charles.

Kate Middleton Engagement Ring: How William got the ring back

How did the famous ring become Kate Middleton engagement ring? William’s young brother Prince Harry kept the ring after Diana’s death in 1997. However, Harry decided to give it to William, saying that the future queen of England deserves that ring. Harry gave the blue ring to William to give it to Kate.

In a joint interview with Kate, William wanted to feel closer to her late mom. He said that her mom wouldn’t be around in his happy day, but at least this was the way he could do to make sure that she was happy to see him engage out there.

How could William get the ring? He took the ring from a royal safe. A British newspaper The Dailymail described it as “cloak-and-dagger operation”.

kate middleton engagement ring replica

He proposed Kate while they were having vacation in Kenya.

What makes the ring special actually is not about the price, but the fact that the ring used to be Diana’s. The world is emotionally attached with Diana. People described him as a young, beautiful woman who got married with a royal family member at very young age. Diana died in car accident in 1997, but her smile, grace, and style won’t be forgotten. She gained more sympathy when the whole world knew Prince Charles had an affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles (now Prince Charles’ wife).

You want to wear the deep blue engagement ring like that? Today, the 18-carat blue sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds would cost 85,000 Pound. But still, Diana’s is priceless.

But, you don’t have to worry. You now can buy a replica of Kate Middleton engagement ring with affordable price. What you need to know that natural sapphires are taken from the earth. Even these stones are treated with chemicals whatsoever, ¬which then determine the stone’s color and clarity, and such treatments should be stated in the ring’s certification.

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