Key Ring (Split Ring)

Key ring and split ring are available in hardened and tempered steel in various finishes, including nickel plated steel, brass plated steel, and gun metal. We also have color key rings, as well as key ring accessories, key chains, and attachments.

key ring

A Steel key ring is useful because a number of keys can be placed onto it without taking extra inventory spaces. It is not required to take keys off of the key ring to unlock doors with them.

Key rings

A key rings are an accessory used to gather in a single bundle multiple keys and use different forms, or permit to add a label to a key, or to prevent the loss of a key by adding an object of a certain weight or a certain volume.

In its simplest form, the jailer is a simple ring without end. The door latch key is composed of an endless ring or a loop attachment mechanism with a clasp, snap or toggle type, and a chain of rings or some snake mesh, after which is attached to an object, figure, remember, advertising gadget, DIY (potato heaving for example), weapon defense (Kubotan) or jewel …. In China, Qingdao, on the occasion of the Summer Olympics of 2008 were even sold key rings with a small bag sealed with the red drawing of the mascot of the Games, Huanhuan, and containing a tiny fish red living in a little water.

The ring can also be provided with a label containing a name or number to identify the key, a neck (often used as an advertising medium) or a carabiner to attach to a belt for example.

Key rings used as an advertising medium, their collection became a fad of the 1960s and 1970s. With the popularization of plastics, they have multiplied to brands. A name was coined for this enthusiasm is copocléphilie.

Tiffany Heart Tag Key Ring

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Designer Tiffany Key Rings are an international famous brand. Tiffany Key Ring for less always provides the top quality Tiffany Heart Tag Key Ring. The most gorgeous Tiffany Heart Tag Key Ring is in the lowest price. Every girl dreamed to have her wedding wearing a knock off Tiffany Heart Tag Key Ring.

Write with the metal: The Ring beta key by Axel Weinbrecht takes notes almost a lifetime.

The specialty: small note pen this is causing a keychain. A useful tool, which takes you all your life. Although the key ring allows Beta, the necessary keys are there when you need it, also approves a pen.

The key rings / pen writing on almost all the papers at any temperature or weather conditions and should never be sharpened, and the best is: There is no ink and can’t fail or leak.

Space Gun LED Keyring

key ring ding dong

Each space adventurer needs three things: a fast boat, a quirky henchmen (alien or a robot, preferably), a blaster and reliable. It’s up to you to win your own ship in a quick game of chance and make an oath of blood or something for the Sidekick. But for the blaster, oh, we have what you need. Gun Wrenches LED display area! It is so small, you will miss no more.

The key ring LED space gun is simply a joy. It’s easy, it’s cute, its space-age plastic with a rubber-like layer and it goes PEW! When you pull the trigger. This is true; the Gun Room LED Keychain not just good looks. A bright red LED flash and a high-pew! Sound each time the trigger. It will defeat the aliens, monsters, colleagues and all other harmful elements that you encounter. Or at least he is smiling. Get some space Gun LED keychain today, and hide it in all your pockets. You never know when you need a little Pew Pew!