Male Claddagh ring

Male Claddagh ring is really not different as compared to the Claddagh ring worn by ladies. Male Claddagh ring is one of history’s most meaningful jewels. However as expected, the weight of Claddagh rings for men will be more as compared to those worn by ladies. The reasons for increased gold weight in male Claddagh ring are done to ensure that the rings retain their shape for a long time. The active lifestyles of men also require that male rings are made to be more sturdy and durable.

Male Claddagh ring meaningRegarding the significance and meaning of male Claddagh ring, the traditional belief and meaning remains the same. The heart represents love, the hands clasping the heart mean friendship (togetherness) and the crown stands for loyalty. The tradition of the Irish Claddagh ring has been popular for over 300 years. The relevance of love, friendship and loyalty in today’s world has increased because of the gradual degradation of these virtues in society.

The Claddagh ring for men was until recently, nothing more than a piece of heavy metal with crude craftsmanship. However Claddagh ring for men are made with high end craftsmanship and every single ring is attended to by some of the world’s best craftsmen.

In the case of Claddagh ring for men without gemstones, the center heart would be made of gold. For the Claddagh ring for men with gemstone, the center gemstone can be any gemstone of your choice.

There is another very good design suggestion for male Claddagh ring without a gemstone. You can order the ring with two tone gold, which means that the entire ring could be made in yellow gold with the heart made in white gold. This is an interesting combination.

Since every Claddagh male ring is completely custom made all design modifications are available. You might want to increase the gemstone size in your male Claddagh ring, the options are endless so let your imagination take over.

Irish Claddagh rings for men

So far in this section we have mentioned only Claddagh rings for men made in gold, however male Claddagh rings are also available in sterling silver. Both the gold and silver Claddagh ring for men has the same high end craftsmanship.

All Gems for Your Male Claddagh Ring

Male Claddagh ring

The image shown here is an Amethyst male Claddagh ring in yellow gold. You can however choose any gemstone of your choice and consider white gold or even sterling silver.

Detailed Meaning of the Irish Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh ring is also referred to as the ‘faith ring’ or the ‘friendship ring’. Because of the two hands holding the heart, the ring is often referred to as the ‘hands and heart ring’ or the ‘clasped hands ring’.

Male Claddagh ring pair

Given the deeper meaning and significance of the male Claddagh ring, it is ideally suited for a wedding ring or an engagement ring. The image above shows a gorgeous pair of Claddagh rings, they can of course be ordered in white or yellow gold and with just about any gemstone that you are interested in.