Masonic Ring Options

Masonic Rings is a very popular accessory for the Masons. There are Masonic ring and popularly manufactured custom parts. These rings tend to be used by the Masons to indicate their affiliation with Freemasonry.

Not everyone wears a Masonic rings mason. However, the Masons who choose to wear this accessory often have many options. Masonic rings range from simple men’s rings is made of semi-precious materials with elaborate custom rings from precious stones and gold or platinum. Some rings have little more than the basic compass and square, while others are elaborate symbols indicating that a user belongs Lodge degrees and what he has achieved. Masons, choose to wear antique rings that were once used by another Mason.


You can send a hundred dollars on a single Masonic ring or spend thousands of dollars for an elaborate accessory. In general, the Masons who have achieved higher grades decide to celebrate their affiliations with more elaborate rings, but this is not always the case.

How to choose your Masonic ring

If you have decided to buy a ring of your own, here are some questions you’ll want to consider:

What is my style?

Even if you can pay for an expensive gold ring with a wide band and a background color from gemstones that does not mean it is the style that is right for you. Try many styles for you to understand what you like and what would be comfortable wearing. You will use the Masonic ring many years and you can even choose to pass it on to their heirs, so select carefully. If you do not like a ring, keep looking until you find a Masonic ring that looks wonderful for you.

Where I buy my ring?

Some retailers offer rings that are made one at a time by the Masons. Knowing his Masonic rings was made by someone in the brotherhood, adds a little more importance and quality to your accessory.

What I want to share my ring?

Want to let people know what has degrees to what Lodge you belong? Are there specific symbols that mean a lot to you in Masonry? Keep in mind, anyone can see the ring, so while you want a ring that reflects, you also want to make sure you are comfortable with what their rings reveals.

What metals do not like to use?

Simplifying Masonic rings are often made of steel or brass. However, some are made of gold, silver or platinum. Check out current and select accessories for a metal ring that matches what you usually wear. If you often use silver cufflinks and lapel pins, for example, a brass ring might seem out of place.

How to wear a Masonic ring

The symbol on a Masonic ring is a combination of a Masonic square (symbolizing earthly perfection) and a compass (symbolizing heavenly perfection). Sometimes the letter G is incorporated in the center of the drawing. The ends of the awl to show aspirations of human beings to God, the points of the compass pointing downwards to represent heavenly qualities coming on God’s earth. When you press the wax paper to validate an authentic Masonic Rings Masonic left home a relief image of the symbol.

Buy a Masonic ring that fits the finger that you chose.

Set on the ring finger so that the branches of the compass face away from you. Original Masonic signet rings faced this direction to ensure that when the wearer supports the ring (with his fist) in the hot wax, the legs of the compass pointing down on the wax seal resulting.

Select a finger on what to wear your masonic signet. Married men usually wear their Masonic ring on his right hand. The little finger, as opposed to the ring finger, is a popular choice. Here you can choose a variety of models and determine the price that appropriate with your budget.

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