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Meteorite ring became popular and beautiful rings which can contain gemstones from meteorites. Meteorites have another world charm and popular around the world. Not only popular even interested in creating jewelry using meteorite, but it looks meteorite has its own charm. There are many variations of rings in the world, where each ring is made of a material in which a range of areas. The availability of many options wedding ring certainly makes the bride. One option that can be highly recommended ingredient is a meteorite.

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The meteorite is a meteorite that reached Earth’s surface. Also called a meteor after penetrating the earth’s atmosphere but not yet reached the earth’s surface. Meteor is a small asteroid from outer space that were attracted by the gravity of the Earth, when it enters the Earth’s atmosphere occur in the ionosphere layer of air friction causes the meteor to be hot and cause burns bright light that is sometimes called a shooting star.

Based on research, consists of three types of meteorites, containing no metal, in the form of rocks, and a mixture of both. Metal in the meteorite as iron and nickel. The rocks consist of the type of carbon and silicates. Experts estimate that the meteorite to the Earth’s surface contains a mixture of metals such as iron and nickel are dissolved in the iron. The meteorite also contains titanium, olivine, piroxin, and feldspar. Meteorite which contains titanium is the best material in the manufacture of precious objects, weapons or other, because it is lightweight yet very strong. You will find some details of your meteorite ring for details.

The simple fact of Meteorite Ring

Meteorites 86 percent tend to be rude and known as chondrites shaped grains that have been known as chondrules formed through tiny droplets of fluid in the two regions. Chondrites can be purchased and obtained for a mixture of meteorites and can be smoothed out and designed directly into a form of art or jewelry. Each type of sub-type of stony meteorite called achondrite, also known as meteorites contain chondrules. Stony meteorite types are actually rare compared to chondrites, only 8-10 percent is generally associated with meteorite achondrites. They have freezes well, and they are admired because it shaped crystals. It is an ideal substance for your meteorite ring.

The major advantage of a meteorite ring is unique carving pattern designs are elegant, supported by a high-resistance material. Strength similar to steel, but weighs only 60 per cent of the weight of steel and high-temperature resistant, titanium melting point reaches 60 thousand degrees Celsius, far from the melting point of iron, steel or nickel in the range of 10 thousand degrees Celsius. Dr. Gerhard Schmidt from the University of Mainz, Germany, counting about 160 metallic asteroids have a diameter of 20 km, is estimated to have concentrations of rare metals.

Rare metals found in the Earth’s crust known as Highly Siderophile Elements (HSE). Siderophile element is a group of transition metals have very high density metal-bound iron in molten or solid condition. HSE Group is composed of rhenium (Re), osmium (Os), iridium (Ir), ruthenium (Ru), rhodium (Rh), platinum (Pt), palladium (Pd) and gold (Au).

This is what meteorites are very well known and recommended by many, almost all artists to artists, used in addition to the subject of making a very powerful weapon to be used as a base for the manufacture of jeweler, including wedding rings. Such that the famous meteorite quality and stability due to have unique pattern, thus the name for the meteorite is Gibeon and vice versa, it became the best preferred material for the meteorite ring.

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