Most Expensive Engagement Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Ring. Engaged is a very special moment in someone’s life and even more a fortune to give a Engagement Ring  for the female partner with an engagement ring that has a very high price.

Here we have compiled some of the Most Expensive Engagement Ring owned by celebrities and other famous people. Read on.

  • Beyonce.

Most Expensive Engagement Ring imageBeyonce engagement ring-the most expensive and luxurious engagement ring held by beyonce. This ring is the most expensive engagement ring ever. Although the ring beyonce always keep pertunangannyadengan not use her engagement ring, it can be believed that the dazzling engagement ring it is her engagement ring. The ring is equipped with 18 carats of diamonds worth zamrut to cut $ 5 million. This diamond in the almost perfect. This diamond also has a “E” rating which makes dazzling color and sparkle. This diamond in pairs on a thin platinum berlian.Perancang dividing each ring is Lorraine Schwartz.

  • Paris Hilton.

Most Expensive Engagement Ring Paris Hilton imagePris Hilton engagement ring – Next the second most expensive engagement ring held by Paris Hilton. Although engagement is not going well and just went for 5 months, in 2005, but Paris Hilton received from the emerald diamond engagement ring that is amazing. This diamond is a diamond of 24 carat and has haraga worth $ 4.7 million.

  • Melani Knauss.

Most Expensive Engagement Ring Melani-Knauss imageMelani Knauss engagement ring – Next on the  three owners of the most expensive engagement ring is Melani Knauss. The third wife of Donald Trump was very lucky to get a fancy engagement ring. Donald Trump proposed a third, he gave her a ring with 15 carat emerald diamond. This ring is amazing because it is equipped with the “F” (without disabilities) rating in terms of clarity. This is the estimated worth of $ 3 million.

  • Jackie Kennedy.

Most Expensive Engagement Ring Jackie-Kennedy imageJackie Kennedy engagement ring – Next on the fourth ring of the former First Lady Jackie pertunagan Kennedy that he received back in 1968. This engagement ring has 40 carats and diamonds worth $ 2.6 million (at the time).

  • Catherine Zeta Jones’s.

Most Expensive Engagement Ring Catherine-Zeta-Jones imageCatherine Zeta Jones’s Engagement Ring – When Michael Douglas proposed Catherine Zeta Jones, he give her 10-carat marquise cut of antique diamond ring. The diamond has “IF” clarity and perfect “D” color rating worth about $2 million. The ring was designed by Fred Leighton in the 1920s.

  • Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring.

Most Expensive Engagement Ring Kim-Kardashians-engagement-ring imageKim Kardashian’s engagement ring  – The next of most expensive engagement Ring come from Kim Kardashian’s. Kris lovingly voted for the bling of her beloved in place of money, and spent $2 million to get an engagement ring for gorgeous Kim Kardashian. However, the most ridiculous part is that the marriage hit the rocks only after 75 days of nuptial, and Kim is simply not prepared to disown it. She is too modest to offer the original sum of the same to Kris, so that there is no claim on it in future.

  • Katie Holmes.

Most Expensive Engagement Ring katie-holmes imageKatie Holmes’s Engagement Ring – The 7th most expensive engagement Ring hold by Katie Holmes.  Katie Holmes received a expensive 5 carat diamond engagement ring from her  husband Tom Cruise. The diamond features Edwardian style oval shaped diamond that is uniquely set in platinum rose gold band. The diamond is also very dazzling as it has perfect “F” clarity and “D” color ratings. Along with its platinum rose gold, the diamond ring is worth around $1.5 million.

  • Jennifer Lopez.

Most Expensive Engagement Ring jelo imageJennifer Lopez’s Engagement Ring – The 8th by hold Jennifer Lopez. Ben Affleck’s engagement ring for Jennifer Lopez is one of the expensive engagement rings as it is worth over $1.2 million. The engagement has broken and this couple split up before their wedding. The ring became so expensive because it featured 6.1-carat radiant-cut pink diamond from Harry Winston.

  • Camilla Parker.

Most Expensive Engagement Ring camilla imageCamilla Parker’s Engagement Ring – The 9th by hold Camilla Parker. Camilla Parker received expensive engagement ring worth $1 million from Prince Charles. The ring came with an emerald-cut center stone along with six diamond baguettes.

  • Eva Longoria.

Most Expensive Engagement Ring eva longoria imageEva Longoria’s Engagement Ring – The 7th most expensive engagement Ring hold by Eva Longoria. For engagement ring, Longoria’s fiancé Tony Parker hired French jeweler Jean Dousset to create a custom engagement ring for Eva, setting him back $500,000. The ring has 5 carat, emerald cut diamond with “FL” clarity and “D” color ratings. The ring also includes 248 tiny diamonds covering its platinum band that made the ring become one of the most expensive engagement rings.