Puzzle Ring

Puzzle ring
is a great way to keep yourself entertained for hours. We may never see the puzzle ring. They are comprised of 4-12 ring of metal rings linked together, often resembling a pretzel or a knot. Sometimes it only consists of a ring of gold, silver, or platinum bands, and sometimes they are set with precious or semi-precious stones. For those of you in the market for a puzzle ring know how very beautiful they can be, especially as a gift for friends, relatives, or, quite possibly, my fiance.

But what puzzle rings for, and why are they made? According to legend, a long time, a Turkish nobleman got a wife that he wanted to remain faithful while he was away on state business. He has a fashion jewelry rings for him to give to his wife that would fall into pieces if he ever take it off. The ring will be very difficult to put back together that his wife would not be able to find out a puzzle.

Puzzle ring

Meanwhile, separate the puzzle rings is still part of the puzzle ring modern world today often give this ring as a sign of love, whether between those who are getting married, among good friends, or even as a sign of the love between parents and son or daughter. This ring is a reminder to keep the bond of love and friendship forever strong. Puzzle rings thus made in a large number of different styles and metals and stones for every person and every purpose.

Type Puzzle Ring

Puzzle rings range from simple and very elegant with ornate extreme. Some ring consists of several bands of gold or silver twisted together and set with a single ruby, emerald, sapphire or. These rings are often preferred as a wedding or engagement ring. Puzzle ring for men often have more severe and the band can at times consist of different types of metal intertwined, gold and platinum, for example.

For some, the ring mythology puzzle have talent, and they wear this ring as a symbol of Celtic myths and heroes, or to remember the days of knights and damsels and jousts Renaissance fairs and role playing games.

History of Puzzle Ring

You will remember that behind the legend states that ring puzzle Turkish nobleman who came up with the idea to keep the loyal wife. However, the fact that the ring puzzle rings is often referred to Turkey was a bit odd, given that the Turks rarely wear this ring! Some speculate that the ring puzzle made by Turkish artists to sell to the West, perhaps men and women of the U.S. military base in Turkey.

Another source said that the ring puzzle developed from “gimmal” ring. Gimmal is Latin for “twins,” and this ring, as then ring puzzle, made of interweaving bands apart from gold or silver. These rings are very popular in the 16th and 17th centuries in Europe and are used as a symbol of engagement. The idea behind them is similar to a puzzle ring-ensuring fidelity future bride or groom. Talk about your puzzle loyalty!

Puzzle Ring for Sale

There are a number of places to buy online puzzle ring. One of the largest selections of rings can be found in stores Rings Puzzle in-Rings.com. Puzzle Rings Store has rings in every style imaginable, using gold, silver, and platinum, for men and women, set with precious stones and semi-precious, and combine from 2 to 12 separate bands. There’s even a puzzle ring that comes ready for you to set whatever you want rock. You might want to consider a yellow diamond ring setting puzzles. Also, while you may think the only thing available is a puzzle ring for women, it is not difficult to find a puzzle rings for men if you peruse the website, as a puzzle ring made with a thick band meant for men.

Puzzle Rings by Pepi focused their attention on the rings that are mythological. Here you will find a ring in the style of Celtic knots and rings were given rings gimmal Renaissance. In fact, it’s selling a lot of Pepi ring at the Renaissance Festival held throughout the country, although their rings are also available on their website.

Puzzle Ring Means Love

Whatever your favorite style of puzzles ring and for any occasion or person you are buying one, the puzzle rings is the perfect way to express your feelings for that special someone. Throughout history, this ring has stood for faithfulness and dedication, for love and friendship, to the special bond between two people. Puzzle ring means love.