Ring Bearer Gifts of Bunch Ideas

Ring bearer gifts are something important in a wedding ceremony. Like the function of the ring bearer itself, gifts are for the ring bearer cannot be neglected. As we already know that, a ring bearer has an important role in wedding ceremony. A ring bearer is a little boy in 3 or 6 years old. To choose a ring bearer for wedding ceremony, he should be one of family of the bride or the groom. However, if the wedding ceremony is second wedding, the ring bearer can be a young son of the bride or the groom.

ring bearer gifts for 5 year old

Talking about the ring bearer is not complete if we do not talk about his duties in wedding ceremony. A ring bearer has some duties like, walking down the aisle with the flower girl, and carrying a unique pillow with the wedding rings. Remembering his hard duties, it is worth it if the ring bearer gifts are given to him. If you do not know yet about some idea of gifts for him, check this out!.

Ring Bearer Gifts Ideas

To appreciate a ring bearer’s duties, ring bearer gifts are needed for him. You can choose one of gifts here. The first idea is toys. The common ring bearer is a little boy, so you can give him some toys like a car, a train with the railways or a big teddy bear, something like that. if you want to give him a teddy bear, you can choose the teddy bear with black tuxedo, it is just like the ring bearer’s costume by the way. It is better if you choose the toys based on your ring bearer’s age.  In addition, the second idea is clothing. If you confuse about what kind of clothing that you want to give to him, you can choose a jersey. Order a special jersey that is printed his name on. It can be a great gift for him.

The third idea is money bank. You can give him ring bearer gifts such as a piggy bank, or any other interesting shapes like car bank, truck bank, train bank, etc. By giving him a money bank, you can teach him how to spend his extra money into it. Furthermore, for the fourth idea is a unique frame photo with his photo on it. It will be a keepsake for him.

Shopping for Ring Bearer Gifts

If you have a plan in giving your ring bearer, a special gift, do not shop impromptu. You should prepare the gifts plan simultaneously with your wedding plan. Do not try to underestimate this, because you have to choose a gift, which is going with his age. If your ring bearer is on 2 or 3 ages, do not give him something is dangerous like train with the railways. Beside he does not understand yet how to play it, the train walking can hurt him if there are no parents accompany him to play. Try to choose something is simple like teddy bear or a funny jersey as the ring bearer gifts.

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