Ring Bearer Pillow

Ring bearer pillow is important in marriage, such as unity candles and rings and if reasons for the lack of attention to their size, they are a big surprise. If everyone is happy to see the wedding dress or wedding cake, what the details of the wedding preparations that seem unimportant, but it is important. Unity candles symbolize the union of two families, and a memorial candle is special people who have spent with ring bearer pillow, plus a heavy ring on it. He brings the promise of weight.

Ring bearer pillow

Engagement ring symbolizes a promise of love and fidelity, groom and exchange in the presence of their family and friends during the ceremony. If the ring is very important that the door was the ring bearer pillow?
Mindless Choice of Pillow

Unfortunately, most of the wedding, the ring bearer pillow options entirely a matter for wedding organizer or wedding designs. The ring bearer pillow made into common equivalent – bed pillows, or because of their size, they like to watch TV pillow.

It’s time to ring bearer pillow, which receives special attention. The groom should pay special attention to your ring bearer pillow, as concern about the excitement of the wedding favors.

Tips ring bearer pillow

It’s not “just a pillow” was the ring bearer pillow in your wedding. Here are some tips that might help.

  • Ring bearer pillow should be something unique. Prominent as in the wedding preparation of the design or theme that suits your wedding so that it looks contrast with detail such as candles, guest book and wedding favors.
  • Satin material choice is a great option that is often used for the ring bearer pillow. Emphasizing simple charm beads or metal ornament. This is where your creativity.
  • When the bearing ring to make it easy Just a simple ribbon, then your wedding ring should be a focal point of your guests.

How to make a ring bearer pillow

Pillow from a wedding can be a precious memento of a very special day and a family heirloom as well. Use high-quality materials for creativity pillow. Experiment with different patterns, materials and textures before deciding on the final design.

materials needed: Needle Embroidery, Embroidery patterns, Finishing Lace, Pinus dressmaker, Tailor Shears, Embroidery thread, embroidery hoops, fabric mark pen, fabric cushion, Polyester batting, Scrap Fabrics, Sewing Machines, Sewing Machine Needles, Sewing Needles, topics, Jewelry Charms, Bridal Magazine, Benchmark, Ruler, Bridal magazines, 1/2-inch and 1/4-inch silk ribbon, 1/2-inch and 1/4-inch satin ribbon.


  1. Choose two pieces of fabric that each measure 8 to 10 inches square. The use of white or off-white, silk satin or brocade. If possible, use the same fabric and lace are used for wedding dress.
  2. Choose lace and ribbon to decorate the pillow, if desired. The amount needed depends on how the material is used. From 2 to 3 feet of each ribbon and lace would be suitable for most projects.
  3. Use two or three pieces of polyester batting as stuffing pillows. Each section must be equal to the square dimensions of the fabric in step 1.
  4. Use a cutting board, ruler and fabric pencil mark to mark and measure the two squares of the same fabric. Make all the brands on the wrong side of the pen on a piece of test fabric. Fabric cushions to ensure fade marks.
  5. Is there any embroidery or sewing before proceeding to the next step. Adding other decoration on the face of the fabric as well. Ornaments such as small ribbons, lace and delicate charm can be taped or sewn onto the fabric by hand.
  6. Add pillow lace ruffle fix straight edge of the square right fabric that forms the top bunk. Pin line so evenly and the right edge (if there was one right side honeycomb) are together.
  7. Pin hand wheel is very loose on the fabric or gather pin wheel to make the wheel a little more complete.
  8. Pin the pieces of fabric with right sides together. The sides should be evenly matched. Pins should be placed about 1/2 inch apart and are at right angles to the edge of the fabric. Make sure that the wheels are stuck with the safety catch between two layers of fabric.
  9. Use a sewing machine to stitch three sides of the pillow, 1/2 inch from the edge of the fabric. Putting out the right pad material and the coating hitting. For a complete cushion insert extra punch.
  10. Fold the edges of the layers without seams on the pillows 1/2 inches, and hand stitch closed. Use your hands or carefully slipstitch edge with machine stitching.
  11. Add 10 or 12-inch 1/4-inch satin or silk ribbon to the pillow. Sew the ribbon by hand on the pillow at the center point. Add silk or satin ribbon made of it to cover the seams. Use two strands of ribbon to tie the wedding rings to the pillow slightly.

Like making your wedding ceremonies, making the ring bearer pillow designs will also be your creativity. It does not require much skill, just trying to make something that comes from the heart.

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