Ring Settings, the Important Part of Ring

Ring settings are having many shapes. If you think that this is not important part in the ring, maybe you are wrong because this part is one of important part in ring. If you want to have perfect ring appearance, then you should choose the design of ring setting too. It is not hard at all to choose the design of ring setting because there are many rings setting design that we can choose nowadays. If you can properly choose the ring setting design usage in your ring, you will be able to have the good ring shape with the combination of valuable stone that will be attached on that part.

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The Kinds of Ring Settings

In this article we will talk more about how you can choose the most appropriate ring settings design for your ring. We will provide many kinds of ring set that you can choose. Besides of that, we also will provide you with the pros and cons of every ring set in this article section. We hope that you will be able to have perfect ring shape for your special purposes like engagement or wedding ring purpose. In the first discussion, we will say that there are many kinds of ring set design that is available in this era, but make sure that you do not rush to choose it. It needs you to choose it carefully with thinking about the pros and cons too of the ring set that you choose.

The first ring set design that is very popular to be chosen is called prong. The prong is one of ring set design that commonly use as special ring purpose. It is because this prong is very perfect if it combined with the choice of diamond stone as ring ornament. Prong usually has four claws that will be hold the valuable stone in the proper place. However, you also able to add more claws to make sure your valuable stone is safe enough. Even the prong is popular ring set design from the entire ring settings choice, but you need to know that this ring set has disadvantage like very often stuck in the cloth or our hair. Therefore, make sure you really careful when you choose this ring set design. The second ring set that also popular in this time is called pave. It is not the prong that uses one big valuable stone as the main ornament in ring. In using pave, it usually will be used band type. Why this ring set is called pave is because the valuable stone especially diamond stone will be attached like pave that we can see in the street.

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The Perfect Ring Settings Design

If you intend to have perfect ring setting design that can give you durability and safety when you want to wear your ring for daily usage, maybe the ring setting choices that we have explained above is not appropriate for you because prong is not durable enough if you use it as daily usage purpose and pave will attract many people that will also mean attract criminality. Because of that, maybe we can suggest you to take bezel setting. It is the most durable and safety ring set that you can use in your ring every day. You will feel relaxes and comfort because your valuable stone is always located in the proper place with using this one from ring settings.