Ring Size Chart for Your Proper Ring Size

Ring size chart is an important part to determine your ring size by yourself. Each jeweler or jewelry store in different countries has different way to Determine Ring Size. Therefore, there are many types of chart for ring size available, either in internet (in the various jewelry related websites) or in jewelry stores. Fortunately, there are conversion charts for the different charts of ring size.


Various Ring Size Chart

Each chart for ring size and finger size is usually different from each other. Each master jeweler, jewelry store and website about jewelry originated from different countries publish their own chart of ring size. Each developing its own system of ring sizes. Some charts use inches and some other use millimeters. In The US and Canada, they use numbers such as 0, ¼, ½, ¾, 1, 1 ¼, 1 ½, etc. as the sizes of the rings. In The UK, Ireland, Australia, and weother countries, they use alphabet and numbers such as A, A ½, B, B ½, etc. as the sizes of the rings. Japanese also use numbers as the ring sizes but they only use cardinal numbers such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.  In Switzerland, they also use numbers as ring sizes, but they use decimal numbers such as 1.50, 2.75, 4.00, 5.25, etc. The different methods to measure ring size also contribute to the various ring size chart. There are two different methods of ring size measurement which is the true diameter method and the center line method.

Womens Ring Size Chart

Ring size chart can be based on either the true diameter method. True diameter method measures the diameter of the ring. The mark to be measured is at the point where the wide side of the tape meets the edge of the ring. For wide rings, the rings are usually tapered, and the smaller of the edges of the ring is the one that is measured as the true size diameter of the ring because this is the diameter of the finger that able to fit to the ring. The center line way uses a mark at the center of the ring to be the measurement. Because wider rings have tapers, when they are measured by using the center line way, the measurements will be at a size slightly smaller than their true diameters. Therefore, the center line method automatically compensates the fact that a wider ring fits tighter on the same finger.

Mens ring size chart

Determining your ring size using Ring Size Chart

Whether it is for a class ring, an Engagement Ring, a wedding ring, or just a stylish personal ring to complete your fashionable appearance, you can determine your own ring size by yourself using a ring size chart. However, this measurement can only be a reference in choosing the proper ring size because fingers are flesh and bone that can’t be measured accurately like measuring hard metal objects such as rings.

Printable ring sizer chart image

The most correct ring size is the ring that can stay on the finger snugly yet comfortably and can be taken off with little resistance. Measure your finger you wish to put the ring on, and then compare your measurement with the Ring Size Chart.