Ring size conversion

Ring size conversion is likely to vary from country to country, such as clothes and shoes size system do. Knowing the ring size conversion of different sizes handy when shopping online on the Web site or when purchasing jewelry when traveling abroad.
Online Ring Size Conversion. This information is fairly easy to find online. The Ring Official International Size Conversion Chart can be seen in this picture.

All information is organized in a graph for easy conversion and provides measurement equivalent diameter and circumference for each size of the ring in both millimeters and inches. Graphs provide all sizes of rings used in the United States and Canada, the UK and Australia, France, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan. England and Australia sizing applies to Ireland and New Zealand.

Ring size conversion Online

Ring Size Conversion Calculator

to view the ring size equivalents for each of these countries easily, you can use the ring size conversion calculator. Simply enter the size of the ring and all of equal size ring will appear immediately. Conversion calculator requires that Java Script is enabled on your computer. You can also use it to find your ring size if you do not know it. First wrap a piece of paper or a piece around your finger, take your knuckles into account, mark the spot where the two ends meet, then measure with a ruler. You can then choose your finger circumference measurements in millimeters (measurements to inches not provided) on the converter to determine your size.
While easy to use, this application drawback is that if there is no exact equivalent to the size of the ring, it just will not show up, while the ring size conversion table view you can find the size or measurement nearest equivalent. Finger circumference measurement is also limited, starting at 38.9 (U.S. size 1).
Dimensions given in this table starts at U.S. size 41/2. However, the formula to get the ring size is also given, which can be used if you know the measurement of the diameter of the inside of the ring in millimeters.

There are also Asian ring size scale used in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries. A chart providing equivalent measures for the Asia-inch and millimeter sizes given on ringsizes.biz. Be warned, though, that apparently sizing system is also used in Japan, but varied from Japan sizing system is given in the Official International Conversion Chart. European sizing given by ringsizes.biz too. It’s close but not exactly the same as the French system is given in the Official International Conversion Chart.

Confused? Because of variations in size, sometimes even within one country, it is best to rely primarily on the circumference and diameter measurement in millimeters. Always check this when buying a ring from another country if the intended wearer can’t try it.

Ring size conversion is a must for those who want to buy the ring in a different country. It is important to know about the conversion of different ring sizes. Each country has its own individual standard ring size. You will get tough if you do not know about the ring size conversion, especially when you want to buy the ring from online jewelry store. It also helps when you want to order the ring in other countries.

There are several different standards of system size ring as follows.
1. The ISO standard uses millimeter as her ring size.
2. In the United States and Canada, ring sizes are on a numerical scale, half the size and a quarter the size.
3. In India, Japan, and China, the ring size is measured in a numerical scale in overall size.
4. In Australia and Britain, the ring size of the alphabet using a scale, with half sizes.
What to remember about Conversion Ring Size?
This article gives a ring size conversion for you. However, you need to know about the size of your finger before you see the ring size conversion chart. The important thing to remember when you measure the size of a finger? You need to measure your finger more than once. It is better for you to measure the size of a finger in the morning before doing the activity and at bedtime. Avoid measuring your finger when your hand starts to cool. Cold can make your hand and finger size smaller. To get the correct size, measure the finger in a larger size.

Before using the ring size conversion, you can measure your finger using the strap of paper. Wrap it around your finger and mark with a pen where the overlap. Then you can get your finger size. Size measurements obtained with a finger and then compared with the ring size conversion table provided here. Ring size conversion.