Ring Size Diameter

Ring size diameter is the diameter of a ring that will be measured by the finger that will wear the ring. As well as clothing, like underwear, pants, shoes, or sandals, the deal size was also imposed on the ring. Measure ring and determine the size of the ring can be done in a convenient and manual. Ring size is based on one of the long diameter or circumference of a finger.

Ring size diameter chart

Ring Size Diameter Measurement

In this era of many online stores on the internet, now many jewelry stores are offering rings also by online. You should also be cautious when buying a ring online. Information about the ring size diameter must be accurate so the ring not too small or oversized.

Some tips measurement ring size diameter to give information to the jewelry store:

1.            If you’ve ever had a ring that used previously, you just measure the diameter with a ruler in the ring you have and then you will know the size.

2.            Using the method of paper, made like cloth tape with a paper width of 0.5 cm, the paper then looped to want to be the ring finger, should be fit because if exaggerated a bit would be a big difference in size. After getting the right size and good in the fingers, the paper length is measured using a ruler and you find your size.

3.            Send sample ring that fits your finger to the jewelry store. And then the jewelry store will be sending back your ring samples after get your size.

4.            Always better if you come straight to the jewelry store and ask them the ring that wants to be ring finger was measured using an universal standard that used to exist in every jewelry shop.

Ring size diameter

Ring Size Diameter Change

Did you know that you maybe can change the ring size diameter? First go to the jewelry shop and ask them to resize you ring, maybe they will be happy to do this for you. But you need to be careful because this can change the appearance and structure of the ring. To enlarge the size of the ring that is made from gold or silver requires a gentle hammering technique. Of course, this may change the thickness of the ring and the end result may not be perfect.

To request a change of size (resize), which increase or decrease the size of the ring, it can be done but it depends on the model of the ring to be resized. The model design around the ring full difficult to change its size, but the model on the bottom plain easier to do the changes. Change the maximum size is half of the size offered. Jewelry shop does not change the ring made of platinum because of the density and strength. To change the size of the ring more than one full size or adding crystal stones. Some jewelry store maybe can make the incision in the ring to take off or slipped extra metal but it can leave marks on the ring. So if you want the ring size diameter change looks for that professional jewelry that can do it for you.