Ring Size – How To Calculate Your Ring Size

Ring size are often displayed varying ways. One chooses to make measurements on the basis of the inner diameter in millimeters to show, the other mark chooses the circumference in millimeters, and there are also include marks U.S. sizes handle.

You see in a shop the ring of your dreams and wishes him, have, have …. Do you know that? But then? What is your ring size? How you can calculate what is the right size for you so you do not need to return or exchange after you have received. We give you some tips how you can calculate.

We will try to get some clarity in this sometimes confusing matter to bring. :)
You can determine in many ways.

Some tips how you can calculate Ring Size

ring size chartOption 1
Use a ribbon or cord with which you measure the circumference of the finger.
Put the ribbon too tightly, but loosely, to the finger and then measure with a ruler the ribbon. This allows to have calculated the circumference of your finger. Now you can on the basis of the ring inside diameter sizes table you define.
On the basis of this length, you can see in the table what is the closest ring size. Here is this 52 mm which means that the inside diameter is 16.5 mm

Option 2
Place a well-fitting ring on a ruler.
The inside diameter is read your ring size. As you can see in this example is 16.5 mm

Option 3
A well-fitting ring measured with a slide caliper in this way to the inside diameter to be determined.
In this way, you come to ring size 16.5. With the flattening of the caliper shifted the ring making him a piece in the picture indicates 16.6. If your measurement is between sizes also come true, choose the closest ring size.

Option 4
Almost any jeweler or trend store that sells rings have ring molds as in this photo. You may be using a template to determine your ring size.

Option 5
Through Google I found your ring molds that can print out. Here you can find a properly fitting ring on it to size.
So much for “how to get a ring sizes to calculate” but there are more points where you need to take.
A wide ring around the finger feels tighter, take in a wide ring of a half to whole size larger.
Come with your calculation on a number that is not standard in the table (eg 17.8) choose the nearest (larger) size.
Heat and cold can your fingers thicker or thinner. Thus, after a few hours, a difference of a quarter ring size occur. Calculate your ring size so at room temperature.
Does your ring size from between 2 sizes, choose the largest size.
Not all brands have half sizes in their collection, for this reason you should adjust your size, choose a half size larger.

As much as we can also tailor a ready calculation would give, it remains suggestive because personal factors and the width of the ring help determine!

When you ring to fit?

Most Jewelers rings can easily a silver ring (without stones) 1 to 2 sizes larger or smaller. A silver ring identified by the hallmark (often on the inside of the ring). Do you want a ring to fit? Ask a jeweler to the possibilities.

A steel ring can NOT be changed, please note so well that you have a steel ring size in the correct size to purchase. This is to prevent open mistake!

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