Ring Size – How to Know Your Ring Sizes Accurately

Ring size is important to understand for you personally who would like to purchase ring especially when you wish to purchase ring in online diamond jewelry store. In online diamond jewelry store, commonly you need to understand your finger size first simply because you do not able to try and wear the ring that you would like to purchase directly in online diamond jewelry store. The thing is there are only a few people have understood about how exactly to measure the size of their own finger in this time. It will likely be hard for you to purchase the ring in online diamond jewelry store if you don’t understand your specific finger size. It is going to cause you to gain higher risk in acquiring wrong ring along with your finger size.

ring size chart

However, even a lot of people don’t understand to measure their own finger size which usually will likely need to know their specific ring size, they still are interested diamond jewelry especially ring type in online diamond jewelry store due to the fact this modern store will often have better diamond jewelry collection than ordinary diamond jewelry store that you can find in your area. Most of the people who still purchase ring from online diamond jewelry store even they don’t recognize regarding their finger size will use one widespread alternative if they have made mistake by picking out different ring with their finger size with the ring guard. However, it is far better for you to understand how measuring your finger size. It’s not difficult if you would like learn it. We will show you tips on how to practice it on this page.

Tips on how to Measure Ring Size with Using Thick Paper

If you would like learn the technique in finding your finger size, that you just will convert to ring size, it truly is simple. There are two popular techniques, which you may decide on for measuring your finger size. We will reveal the two of these techniques in measuring your finger size on this page.

First technique is the easiest way that can be used for measuring your finger size. What you ought to prepare is a single thick paper that you’re going to use as ring. Listed below are the techniques to measure with making use of thick paper.

  • First, you’ll want to print out this image in thick paper. This will likely make use of as special ruler to find your finger size.
  • When you have printed this image, it is advisable to cut in the position where written cut here. That hole uses to straighten the paper once you wear it just like band in your finger.
  • In case you have already accomplished in cutting in that area, then you can definitely start to use that thick paper inside the finger where you would like to use the ring. In this particular image, we provide you with illustration when you’d like to use the ring inside your pink finger.
  • As soon as you place tightly your finger using the thick paper, then you can definitely understand the number shown inside the hole that you just cut. That number will be your ring size.

How to get Ring Size with Using Special Ruler

If the first technique we make use of easy thick paper that we makes it individually, then for next technique to find our ring size, we are able to use special ruler which may have a lot of holes along with various size. This special ruler should be able to buy in diamond jewelry store. This is actually the image from the special ruler we necessarily mean to you.