Ring Sizing for Surprising Your Love

Ring sizing is something important for you when you have a plan to propose your beloved woman. An engagement or wedding ceremony is a memorable moment for every single person in this universe. Thus, some of them will prepare the ring aspect perfectly before the D-day. Every woman will be thrilled if you give to her, something is special in her engagement or wedding ring. Moreover, if she really loves you and want to spend her life time just to be with you. In addition, you should know that woman would always love everything, which puts in surprise situation. If you have evidence that your woman is a type of surprise freak, then throw her a surprise engagement or wedding ring.

Ring sizing

For that, you have to know about her ring size. It is important to get to know because her ring size can influence your own success in ring selections. If you just estimate her ring size, you will have a big problem that is you can make a wrong selection in her ring. If it happens to you, you will have the two conditions like, you can return the wrong ring size to the jewelry shop or you cannot return that. Not every jewelry shop will accept the ring, which is bought by the way. Thus, the ring sizing is essential to know.

Ring Sizing in Surprise Planning

If you really want to throw your woman a surprise ring gift, the important thing you have to do is ring sizing your woman’s finger. Since, it is a surprise; you are not allowed to ask your woman about her ring size directly. You can try some ways like these. The first way is, you can use her ring, which is used in daily. When she puts off her ring, you can grab it, keep it for a while, and bring it to the jewelry shop. In addition, the second way, if you know her mother well you can ask her mother about your girlfriend’s ring size. It is reliable enough, because her mother knows the ring size of your girlfriend 100% true. For the third way is, talk to her best friend and ask her about your girlfriend’s ring size.

ring sizing chart

If you have the intention to surprise your girlfriend in proposing purpose, I think, her family or her best friend will be happy to help you. However, if you do not know her family and her best friend closely, do not you worry, you can make some tricks to ring sizing her finger. For an instance, when you meet her, ask her about your intention to give your sister a ring as birthday gift. Tell her that you do not know at all about women’s ring size, and you ask her; “what about your ring size, by the way? Will it be same with my sister ring size?” I beat she will answer your question.

After Ring Sizing, Propose Her!

After you have her ring size, you can go to propose her. You can use a puppy; place your ring box in puppy’s neck. Bring the puppy to her house, put the puppy in front of her door, you push the house bell and you hide. When she is out, she will find the puppy and if she is a type of puppy lover, she will lift the puppy and find the ring box. You come out and you propose her. You will get her happiness on her face and she will get the perfect ring with the perfect ring sizing.

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