Size Ring – Learn the size ring of their alliance

Size ring can be determined with three methods for determining the size ring or ring their alliance, check below and be sure to read the tips on the influence of climate on hands.

IMPORTANT: The change of numbering is in millimeters, so it is very important that the following methods are applied carefully. To avoid any errors, always confirm the measurements by means of an Aneleira in any jewelry thus will not mistake since the numberings are universal.

Size ring finger

Method 1 – Diameter of internal alliances

(Warning: Measuring only part INTERNAL alliance, not to measure the part edges.)

Caution: Apply cuidadosaente acima.Lembre method that according to the method is execudato, there may be errors. Wherever possible, the measurements confirm through an ANELEIRA.

Method 2: Twine / ribbon around the finger:

1 – Take a walk in the joint of his finger with a string, line or some kind of flexible wire.

2 – Select the exact measurement of the circumference of your finger.

3 – Extend lead on a ruler and read the marked length.

4 – Look at the table below the number corresponding to the measure.

5 – Remember that this is an approximate measure.

Method 3 – Printing the circumferences

Print the page and cut out the circles or accurately compare the size with an alliance.

Check the dash pattern. If measuring 3cm is because the feedback was printed correctly.

Do not place the ring on the monitor, the size that appears on the screen does not match the original size, you need to print.

Test carefully in circumference that uses the ring finger. Remember that this is a method with chances of error. Therefore, we are not responsible for incorrect information. The ideal measure is that obtained with tool called ANELEIRO and that will provide accurate number. ”

Important tips for your size ring:

Hands swell and contract according to weather, hot days in numbers increase and decrease in cold days. So choose days with climates more common in your area to take the measurement.

When measuring your finger do not forget that the ring has to go through the finger, do not forget the joints.

Do not measure your finger when it is very cold when they are thinner and a ring would be too tight on the hottest days.

Determine your size ring

We suggest that determine its size ring by measuring its ring.
Measure the diameter of its inner ring with a tape measure. In the case of measuring the diameter measured indicate a ring that is between two sizes, we recommend you choose the larger size.

For you know your size ring, simply measure your finger with a string, a cord, a tape or a wire. The most suitable material that is very flexible plastic aramezinho coming tying the bag of bread or stringing wires electronics. Here’s a way to stay well as comfortable, not tight nor too loose. Remember to always leave a small clearance. Make at least 3 measurements to be sure of your size ring.