Snake Ring Jewelry

Snake ring is a ring that is very trendy among the celebrity world which rings like this snake look crawling fingers of celebrities who wear them, as seen in recent years.

Why are many rich people who wear this snake ring?

This is a rather difficult question in the answer, but there are several reasons that we use quite fit why this snake ring. This snake ring is a classic and fashion trends that persist for long periods of time. For centuries people from various customs and culture have chosen and use these snake rings as well as a fashion trend in the respective symbolic customs and culture.

The celebrities have been wearing this snake rings for years at a price that is quite expensive. But apparently now we do not have to be rich or famous to be able to buy a piece of jewelry that cool or fashionable.

This rings has been there long enough before the celebrities use. In Roman times, rings with a design like this is very famous and is using it like having a symbolic immortality. The women in ancient Roman times many are wearing this ring, as in the use of women in the age of Victoria. In the nineteenth century, many snake rings in combination with diamonds, sapphires and rubies. These rings are also popular in this century as in use in the engagement of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Snake ring in Greek meaning

In Greek metrology, snakes have a symbol as a healer. Snake ring in use in Greece in honor of Asclepius, healing and rejuvenation medicine. Asclepius has properties that become entwined snake symbol in the medical field today. The people in the days of the ancient Egyptians wear jewelry with a snake shape. They have particularly snake goddess who became a symbol of fertility, protection and as a protector of the king.

The snake is also a symbol in other cultures such as Hindu, Buddhist and mythology of Aboriginal Australia. In Astrology Chinese culture, the snake is the symbol of good home because your family will not starve. Zodiac on Chinese culture also stated that the snake is considered a magnet and will never be ignored. So if you want to have a strong magnetic power and never ignored this snake rings you should use.

This snake rings is a piece of jewelry that enticing. Besides snake lovers will be very proud if you use this snake ring. There are several different designs around the finger on the wrapping. Snake design with jewelry design puzzle snake perched on a band of interlocking puzzle. When wearing a snake ring puzzle design with a snake, you will see how beautiful the overall design of this snake. Generally Jewellery Puzzle design is owned by the snake rings with 5 or 7 band and moreover also a design with precious gemstones such as rubies and diamonds.

As you know this snake ring usage is generally based on the properties of the symbolic snake of various customs and cultures or in because you want to use this ring. And if you want to get this snake ring you can visit the following link click here