Spoon ring – the materials you can use

Spoon ring at roughly introduced in 1970. In his time a spoon ring style trendsetter great demand and sell for a few dollars even more expensive. This ring has the most intricate designs and also some other very simple. Some of parts the ring is made of flimsy material and the other are thicker and both depend on the material used to make spoon ring. Most of people who love these rings are because this ring is very easy to get and also reasonably priced. If the seal ring with precious stones likes amethyst topaz ring can be a very beautiful engagement ring.


The materials used to make a spoon ring:

The materials used to make spoon ring are generally very easy to find or get. Whether it’s through the internet or at craft stores that exist in your neighborhood. Here are the ingredients you need to make this ring:

  1. Spoon – This is the most primary and important thing. Spoon used are silver spoon instead of stainless spoon because spoon made of silver very easily in the form of than frontier for steel spoon.
  2. Hammer – a hammer used to make these rings is the hammer that has a head that is generally made of wood, plastic or rawhide. In this case, you need a soft-faced which you can form a ring according to size and your taste, other than that you can flex ring like as much as you want.
  3. Mandrel – Mandrel ring wrinkle here is a round, narrow generally made of metal. Mandrel will help you to facilitate the formation of a circular ring consistently.
  4. Grinder / Polisher – This tool is needed to refine the ring perfectly.
  5. Hacksaw – This tool is used to cut this part and also soften the edge of the ring.
  6. Wooden Block – This tool serves to hold the mandrel rings while you are working. Make sure the timber is large enough blocks to simplify your job.

Three steps to make a Spoon Ring:

  1. Preparation – Prepare pole material is needed, and you should be ready with the style you want. Remove the bowl and your work on the grip. Cut a little on the grip and keep the bowl for scrap metal. Puree the grip and shape the edges with a hammer.
  2. Forming – Place the ring mandrel on wooden beams that have been provided. Wrap the grip on the ring mandrel and manually start the process of formation. If in need are able to use a torch to soften the metal before the metal was wrapped in mandrel. Use a hammer to push the metal to form a perfect circle.
  3. Finishing – Checks ring using polisher, scrub the ring with silver polish to clean powders and if the size not fit you can adjust its shape according to what you want.

You can buy Spoon ring and other types of accessories ring through online stores such as Amazon or jewelry stores in the area around of you.