Thumb Ring one of various types of finger rings

Thumb ring is one from is various types of finger rings worn by men and women. Finger rings have a special significance in various cultures. The meaning of some alterations ring finger when the finger is used. Along with the traditional rings, thumb rings are the newest thing in vogue. As its name suggests, thumb rings are used on the thumb of each hand. They are a popular form of jewelry for men and women. We can say that thumb rings are the item most successful in the area of fashion jewelry alternative, which makes them a ‘must have’ fashion for every person.

Thumb Ring archery

Meaning Thumb Ring

Thumb rings were originally worn by archers to protect their thumbs from bowstrings. During this period, thumb rings were made with leather, which was gradually replaced by various metals. In the 15th century, wearing thumb rings was associated with the profession of a person and especially doctors wore thumb rings. By the 1960s, the rings of thumb became the symbol of extreme liberalism about love, sex and lifestyle. Thumb rings represented happiness and freedom and the people who believed in the hippie culture, proudly wore them. Today’s culture and lifestyle is much different and, therefore, thumb rings are worn by those who like to use them. This is the reason why we see such a wide range when it comes to rings thumb.

Today, thumb ring is a special jewelry purchased and endowed with each other. One of the most popular types of thumb rings are rings gothic thumb, which are as popular as the Gothic culture. Gothic thumb rings and other forms of Gothic jewelry became popular by various rock and pop bands. There are several styles, patterns, designs and themes thumb rings available today that are adored by their fans. Thumb rings are made from a variety of metals such as gold, silver oxide, silver platinum, and many other metals. So when you buy a gold ring, all you have to do is choose the best thumb ring that suits your choice and your pocket! Read more about the meaning of the thumb ring.

Thumb Ring Meaning

the meaning of thumb rings has been constantly changing since ancient times. It’s different for men and women. In the past, thumb rings wear was restricted to men. Gold rings for men represented the status of the man wearing them. The value of thumb rings increased according to the social status and economic orientation. While significance of gold rings for women was much different. Wives of soldiers wore thumb rings as a reminder of the memories of their husbands. The women wore wedding rings from her husband, who were on the battlefield or had lost their lives during the war. The reason why women wore the ring on his finger was because it was the most suitable place for a ring that was larger than any other finger.

Today, thumb rings are used as a symbol of power, strength and an impact on other people. Wearing thumb rings is also associated with freedom, independence and individuality of thoughts, feelings and attitudes. Thumb rings are also particularly used to symbolize sexual orientation. In some parts of the world, thumb rings are restricted to be used only by people who are having a homosexual relationship. While in some parts of the world, using a gold ring mean open relationship status. In some other parts, using the thumb ring in right thumb means he / she is single. As you can see, gold ring varies from one place to another, making it very difficult to relate it to a single meaning. So, without going into details about the meaning and myths gold rings, why not enjoy using them, while they look pretty?

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