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Turquoise ring is the perfect gift for someone who appreciates the long tradition of turquoise, not only for the significance in the western South American native cultures, but also because of its natural beauty. The combination of metallic silver or white with turquoise jewelry has inspired many designers to create beautiful works of art, and it has been translated into a range of men’s masculine style turquoise ring.

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Stone Turquoise, Copper Clad Beauty

Often we hear people generally refer to the Stone Age as the turquoise blue lined. Indeed Turquoise stone is widely used in the segment aged 40 years or older. Turquoise named another of Fairuz, a mixture of copper and aluminum phosphate there is also a mention as a mixture of soil, lime, and stone. No wonder there are turquoise stones that look white streaks. Turquoise stones are used in the ring Turquoise has a style variety, the most common is a cobweb patterned backed blue or green. Turquoise base color is blue like the sky, light blue – green up to a light green. The blue color comes from copper, ferric (iron), and aluminum. Turquoise stones from Peninsula Persia (Iran, Israel, Afghanistan, and Sinai), Nevada, California, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Judging from the scale of the violence that is owned, Stone Turquoise or Turquoise has hardness between 5-6 on the Mohs scale. This has resulted in some experts refer to as a half gem stones and jewels belonging to class III.

Understanding Turquoise Ring Genuine and Imitation

Many are known turquoise ring used stone turquoise blue color, these rocks actually have many color variations. The higher copper content then will be more the blue color of these rocks. Conversely, if the iron content is higher, then the turquoise color tends toward green. This, of course, if it were a genuine turquoise ring.

While imitation turquoise ring, would not recognize the ‘law’ kind of thing. Objects are usually processed the lab. That way, the resulting color also tend to be uniform, approached the blue. Turquoise Ring pale imitation made with the cover with wax or oil to disperse the color. It’s just that, usually color will not be permanent in nature. How to distinguish between genuine and fake turquoise ring? Turquoise Ring native will remain blue until despite broken into. Conversely, a false or genuine but fake when cut it was not until the blue color.

Turquoise and accompanying benefits Myth

From some info, turquoise Stone first used around 7000 years ago, then compared Lapis lazuli, turquoise stones 500 years earlier known as the jewel. This was proven by the discovery of turquoise as a makeup tools in Ancient Egypt and make eye shadow. The experts found that in the ancient Incas and Egyptians used turquoise stones as jewelry to adorn the bodies of the nobility before burial. No wonder that many ancient Inca nobles’ tombs demolished his grave to get the treasure in the form of stone before the tomb destroyed.

People expect turquoise stones as stones that have various features in terms of healing diseases. While in the Puak Red Indian tribes formerly first put the turquoise Stone on the bow as their belief that turquoise stone can help them shoot at the right target.

Generally, turquoise stone used in the form of turquoise ring, necklaces, and earrings and is often sold as a series. In addition, bracelets, anklets, and pendants were also present these exotic rocks. In fact, the rocks are often referred to by the name of turquoise is also present in the form of head belts, brooches, even the ornament on top of women slippers.

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