Wedding ring – The exchange of rings between the couple

Wedding Ring is a ring as a symbol used in the wedding celebration. Is a commitment between the partners will hold a marriage with a pure love relationship are also sometimes referred to as a sacred covenant between two parties. Tradition states that the couple should give each other rings as a symbol of the covenant of marriage, colocándoselos the wedding ceremony. Wedding ring is generally placed in a sweet finger. There are different traditions using both hands, varied use depend on area.

However, it is only a habit, that is not essential to marriage: all of which will not invalidate the approval given at the ceremony and, therefore, occurs without the exchange of wedding rings will remain in effect.

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This ring is traditionally a gold and platinum, and to a lesser extent that of silver. These rings tend to be smooth and comfortable to wear because most people always take their place.

History of  Wedding Ring

The ceremony is observed by the Romans before the introduction of Christianity and is known to the Jews. Widespread use of the ring among the Romans, not mere decoration, but to cover letters, and other instruments, it has been opening their seals and is used to give each other in celebration of their contracts and deposits instead of clothing, because it’s wrong one thing I keep on hand.

From this came the custom to give the wedding ring to the husband and wife sign a pledge to the involvement of contracted, meaning at the same time entrusted with the release of domestic order. As a result, according to Clement of Alexandria, used to give the ring to the woman, but not to close the trim household items, non ornatus gratia, became the dominant UI obsignaret qua erant, it is the practice to ensure the seal boxes, drawers and other equipment are maintained in pantries provide food to prevent theft and loss with a slave. Thus, the ring was a sign of promise of marriage and the sending and receiving secure a husband and wife, joined their hearts with this outfit. Therefore, the Christians used to record on it the sign of faith, which has a common symbol of love and harmony, and from there came also believe that the put and take in the fastest finger of the left little finger, has the blood vessels in the fingers of the reach the heart, he said San Isidoro.

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Symbol of Wedding Ring

In the Bible, Old Testament called the bride’s hand with a ring. This custom has survived to this day. In the ninth century, Pope Nicholas I decided that the failure to give the ring to the bride has become a formal statement of intention to marry.
Initially the ring is made of leather, and later made of iron, but modified to make them precious metals like gold.

Catch the ceremonial aspects of the wedding ring, symbolic of marriage and society, and maintain this level of significance as a reminder. Ancient yet modern, rooted in tradition and mystery, but today and universally used, wedding rings combine the art of jewelry, commitment and respect for the beauty of love and friendship in a single resonant symbols. Wedding ring